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jbb2179(Iowa 5a)June 29, 2014

This is my first year growing roses and I made the mistake of buying roses from a less than reputable online retailer (but that's a whole other can of worms) and one of the bare root roses I got is dying. I really want to try and save it because I don't want to go through the hassle of trying to get a replacement. I can attach pictures later if those would help, but when it came the cane looked striped, it was green but striped with brown-ish. Up until we got 8 inches of rain in two nights it remained green to the top of the cane. After that it quickly went brown all the way down. There is still some green near the base of the cane. I used a 3 in 1 systemic fertilizer/insect control/disease control about a week ago, or about two weeks after it started dying. If active ingredients would help I can get those too. I have 5 total roses; three are doing very well, one I think was DOA, and the one I mention here. Any advice would be extremely helpful.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

The product you mention is probably Bayer All-in-One soil drench containing tebuconazole, Merit, (imidacloprid), and cheap fertilizer. Experienced rose growers recommend against using this product. It is not very effective against any major rose problem and puts a lot of chemicals in the soil. At any rate, it would have no effect on the die-back problem you describe.

Bare-root roses planted late in the season or acquired from a discount supplier will have a high failure rate. When roses die back, it is usually undiagnosable and incurable. There is nothing you can do but have patience and hope, water thoroughly once or twice a week, and do not fertilize until the plant is growing strongly.

Sorry to be so glum, but I'd consider replacing with a potted rose. If you transplant in the summer heat, give it some temporary shade for a couple of weeks.

Good luck, and I hope you are enjoying the roses that are growing OK.

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jbb2179(Iowa 5a)

In the future, what would you guys recommend to control such things like insects and diseases. Any recommendations on a good fertilizer?
The five plants I ordered were 'Bonanza', Cherry Parfait, Betty Boop, Lagerfeld, and Dream Come True. The Cherry Parfait, Lagerfeld, and Bonanza are all doing very well. I think the Betty Boop was DOA, and The Dream Come True is the one I'm trying to save. Any suggestions on where to get quality replacements for the ones that are dead/dying as well as any future plants I may want.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Experienced rose growers do not spray routinely for insects but only after a significant pest has been observed and identified. I have not used any insecticide on roses for ten or fifteen years. If you are in eastern or midwestern zone 5, many or most rose varieties will need routine fungicide to control blackspot disease. Spray works much better than soil drench. The most effective products contain tebuconazole or propiconazole. I use Bayer Disease Control for Roses etc. every two weeks.

Use a fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 1-1-1 (for example 8-8-8) to 3-1-2 (for ex 12-4-8). Espoma Rose Tone and Plant Tone are well-regarded by posters here.

Replacement roses this time of year would be potted from your local garden center. Smaller potted roses can be ordered from boutique rose nurseries, but shipping in the heat of summer is hard on them. If you want to order bare-roots for next spring, the Canadian nurseries Palatine and Pickering offer good quality and value.

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seil zone 6b MI

Do what Michael says. He's good and knows his stuff.

Don't blame yourself for losing this rose. It probably never stood much of a chance in the first place. When you buy these cheapie roses they're almost always of very inferior quality and poor health to begin with. That's why they're cheap. In the future pay a little more and buy good quality plants from reputable vendors and you'll end up spending less in the long run trying to keep them alive.

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predfern(z5 Chicago)

Make sure roses are hardy enough for zone 5a. Some of mine died last winter. Look for hardy Buck and David Austin roses. Also consider knock out and Easy Elegance. The Crocus rose came back the best from the harsh winter. I just use 13-13-13 fertilizer from Blain's Farm and Fleet. Weed, water, fertilize and mulch. I don't use any chemicals at all.

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