brownish ends of new japanese maple leaves

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)May 2, 2014

I could post this in the Maples forum, but there is a lot more traffic here.

I have a 2 year old seedling Acer palmatum that sprouted on its own against a fence. I've since moved it to a Smart Pot for the summer until I find a better place to make its permanent home. The potting mix is Al's 5-1-1 from the Container forum.

In case it matters, the parent tree is likely either a Bloodgood or Emperor I, both of which are nearby.

The top was about 8" higher than you see here originally, but it broke off this winter in one of our many storms so I cut it clean.

Anyway, just a few of the new leaves (right side of pic) seem dried and light brown in color at the tips. The growing tip on the shoot on the right side shows it, as well as the small new leaf just to the left of the growth tip-you can see the brownish tips of the leaf.

Has anyone seen this, and is it serious or possibly just some minor root stress? I did just move it this spring to the pot, but I only cut maybe 10% of the roots when I potted it (I got a HUGE rootball, one suitable for a 2" caliper tree, then washed the soil off).

The yellowish dust dotting the leaves is oak pollen BTW.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

superficial cold damage ... just cold enough to pop a few cell walls ... individually freezing such ...

but not cold enough to do substantial damage ...

thats my best guess ...

frankly i dont see damage on the right side ...

been a long time since i reviewed al gritty mix ... but i am wondering if its tuned into trees specifically .... its good ... better than buying pre-made stuff ...... but you might think about cutting it by a third with mini bark chunks or something... trees like a cool sip of water.. and near total draining ... which means.. the pot .. before and after watering... barely changes weight .. if it gets heavy.. then it MIGHT be retaining too much water ... [but if al pops in.. i will defer to his experience regarding tree in particular]

regardless... crikey.. its a maple.. most likely.. the only way to kill it.. would be to leave a black pot in full sun.. and not water it for the rest of the year ... and then it probably still wont die... lol... but it will root out the bottom.. to take care of itself ... lol..


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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

We had a couple nights around 30 degrees as the buds were just expanding. That might be the issue.

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