another shade-tolerant rose Penny Lane!

serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)June 6, 2010

Since some people will ask for a shade-tolerant rose, here is a rose that I have found to be a wonderful and very forgiving rose for full shade- the climber Penny Lane. It's rated as needing full sun, but indeed it can grow vigorously even in the shade.

Bless its heart, it is completely besieged by rhododendron, mountain laurel, a bushy fat nepata, the house, a big huge pot of Frederic Mistral in front of it and a big fat looming tree to cast full shadow in its direction as well (7' away). It blooms with no problem (blooms are twice the size of last year's) and recovered from a particularly vicious rabbit attack as well (3 basal canes eaten and destroyed).

A great shade tolerant rose. I got mine from Roses Unlimited last year. A wonderful gardenia scent as well! Sometimes shade can adversely affect scent or the size of the bloom, but not this brave plant! Hurrrrrray! I think one of the reasons is that Penny Lane has very tiny buds that develop into surprisingly much larger blooms than one can ever expect. The fact that it has such tiny buds, makes it a very energetic, vigorous bloomer-perfect for the shade. This is the only reason I can think of as to why it does so well in the shade....

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How about a picture?

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this is a lovely and disease resistant rose for me, lots of blooms, great scent.

Here is a link that might be useful: penny lane@helpmefind

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What a beautiful rose! How would you rate it in terms of its degree of thorniness?

Best wishes,

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It is a beautiful rose and quite thorny if I remember correctly. I had to move and leave it behind as it was too big to move. I hope to get another one, it is one of my favorites, it always had a some blooms between its fabulous flushes. "Penny Lane Large-flowered Climber. Harkness (UK) 1998. Seedling of 'New Dawn'... the first climber to be voted Rose of the Year in the UK... The color is pearly blush with light apricot in the depths of the fragrant flower.."

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Thanks, Roserobin. I'll be sure to put it where we don't walk.

Best wishes,

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Roserobin, your Penny Lane is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

Zyperiris and Mary, here are a few shots of my very young one (I got it late August 1st of September as an on-sale rose from RU) Also I have included my Australian friendÂs lovely Penny Lane that she had sent me. Sadly I lost all her emails and contact information when my computer crashed in Outlook. I still have some of her photos that I had saved on my computer but alas, all else was completely wiped out and I have no way of re-contacting her (tears) no email address on GW either!

My friend KarenÂs Penny Lane

My Penny Lane was transplanted to full shade in late March when it just broke dormancy.
2010 in full shade

2009 pretty foliage as well!

2009 image before more shade-casting companion plants were added.

2010 image showing how severely blockaded Penny Lane is and how there is no sun for this rose. Even my supposedly shade-tolerant Queen Elizabeth last year sent up horrid, tiny blooms that had none of the prettiness of Penny LaneÂs. My current Frederic Mistral doesnÂt seem able to bloom in this spot so far, and it gets tons more light than Penny Lane. So again! An absolutely terrific shade rose! Here is Penny Lane (a few weeks ago) peeking out with two tiny buds waving in the air, lol!

Another beautiful thing about Penny Lane is that it satisfies both hybrid tea lovers and OGR lovers. It starts out as a beautiful hybrid tea shape and maintains that shape very well and yet there are some blooms which have a very nice OGR double swirl on the interior of the bloom.

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Not my photo of Penny Lane, but Cass's Garden With Roses at help me find.

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I'm never certain of how full shade is defined. Are you saying this rose gets no direct sun at all? dappled sun?

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Roserobin, I orignally that that Roserobin was actually just your moniker on GW and that Cass was still you! Thanks for linking to the awesome photo though! I bet your Penny Lane was very beautiful anyway!

Huttnem, technically, Penny Lane gets no sun because it is blocked by so many things, it is blocked by all of the tall companion plants, the trees, the house, the potted Frederick Mistral (which has become a very dense thick rose by the way); Penny Lane is blockaded by everything, and the only dappled sun it gets is if the breeze just happens to blow a little space between the leaves of the tree and the Freddie in front of it. At its current stature, Penny Lane is not getting any light whatsoever. If it ever rises to full height, climber proportion, it still is not going to get more sunlight because the canopies of my trees are very dense so very little light can reach the roses. Frederic Mistral is growing, but cannot bloom in this condition it seems. Frederic is luckier in that he can receive more dappled light, but this is no good for this kind of rose. If Freddie cannot bloom he will be swapped out to a different location and Distant Drums will go there. I have seen DD at Powell Gardens in very shady spots, so this will be another shade-tested rose in my garden if FM cannot bloom. I am actually looking forward to seeing if DD can be that other non-rated shade tolerant rose....

Anyway, Penny Lane also faces North-West so the house casts a very deep shadow on it. And my neighbor's big house is just 4' away, yikes!!! More shade cast on that rose. In the fall the sun direction again shifts and the "west side" technically gets far worse in terms of how much shadow the rose will receive. Even my East-facing roses in the backyard face this same issue when the sun shifts direction....and the fact that Penny Lane faces North as well is pretty scary! Poor rose! but wow, it's got so much spunk!

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Oh, I forgot to add, Huttnem, in Kansas City we are approaching our 4th month of unending, ceaseless rains. If it doesn't rain in the day, it rains at night or the non-rain day is overcast and cloudy. The fact that we rarely see a full clear day and sunlight further enhances the problems that Penny Lane and all of my roses have faced. All I can do is hope and cross my fingers that these rains will stop! I am getting rain-induced canker in some of my East-side roses, and bless Penny Lane, it's still holding up just fine!

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Sounds like Super Rose to me! I hope your relentless rain stops soon, serenasyh.

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