Other weeping cherries in the area

tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)May 26, 2014

After reading some of the thoughtful comments on my (now seems very likely) winter-killed weeping cherry, I took a look at some yards in my area. Seems the small weeping cherries survived. Some of the larger ones did not.

Here's two pics, other houses one or two miles from me. (click for larger pic)

Half dead

All dead

If these harsh winters continue, what would be a good replacement? Was wondering if Weeping White Birch will do better??

TIA for any input.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you are overthinking this a bit ...

its all about micro climate ... on my 5 acres... i can have two identical trees... less than a hundred feet apart.. independently affected by the onslaught of ma nature.. and the other unharmed ...

but also... we would call this a rather short lived tree... and it seems like all the pix you have shown.. are huge old trees... maybe that is why the large failed.. and the smaller didnt ....

if you want another cherry.. plant one .. you cant outwit ma nature ...

if you cant face the thought of losing one.. find something Z4 that fits.. and go with it ...

just make it a personal decision... do you want a cherry??? .. if so.. what more is there to decide???

we are coming up to the heat of summer... not the best tree planting time... so as far as i am concerned.. you have a few moths.. to make up your mind ...

if you decide to plant in summer.. find out how.. BEFORE you do it ... see you then ...


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Did it leaf out some and then become defoliated, or never leafed out at all?
I know at least where I am in New England the winter moth caterpillar plague loves these trees and can totally defoliate them till they look dead.
Break/cut off some stems/branches to see if they are still green inside. If so, it may come back.

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