Ascot Wins the Triple Crown for Me

nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)June 4, 2012

I'm so excited by my two Ascot roses which I got bareroot from Palatine last year. They've been in the ground since March of 2011, and they are just unbelievable. At about four plus feet already, Ascot is covered with breathtaking deep burgundy blooms. Its first crown is the bush itself, featuring a nice growth habit, thickly filled in with shiny healthy leaves. The second crown is for the petal packed blooms of deep burgundy. Most have a delicate outer ruffly edge of purple and feature the form of an English rose. I couldn't believe how closely an Ascot bloom matched my new Twilight Zones's first bloom. TZ may be a little darker, but they both have the purple edge. Ascot blooms are bigger than TZs. For the third crown, Ascot blooms don't shrivel in the heat, ball (so far), and last a long time on the bush and in the vase. The blooms have a nice scent, too. Tantau has a real winner with this rose. Diane

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seil zone 6b MI

Sounds beautiful! Any pics?

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Yes, seil, I finally got some rose pics taken---by my fourteen year old granddaughter--ha. And now she has to give me a tutorial on getting the darn things in the gallery. It may take a few days to get my computer deficient brain around it all. For many years I was the family photo taker, plus I used my trusty 35 mm in my work. But a long while back, I put down my camera and said "no more", turning photo duties over to my daughter. Of course, the whole family has digital cameras while I still dwell in the 1980s. Anyway, Ascot is a beauty and deserves some publicity. All the rose photos were taken yesterday--my best show of roses since I've lived here (eight years). Tonight an awful windstorm is going to hit, and there will be damage--I'm sick about it, but glad I got the pics. Diane

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