Hustler Sport 42' or Husqvarna RZ4619

slogan.1July 12, 2010

Hello All,

I found this site while doing a bit of research on zero turn mowers. I am a bit of a newbie at this so bear with me. I believe that I have narrowed my choices of the many that there are to the listed mowers above. I will mainly be mowing approimately 1 acre of fairly flat yard with some obstacles. My wife will also be using the mower which she is now fairly comfortable on since she was using a Husqvarna RZ3016 but the size was a bit too small for the yard we have, hence the reason I am back in the market. Anybody have any input on the two mowers listed? I am leaning toward the Hustler for reputation, dealer in my area and the physical size and simplicity of the mower. I don't want all the bells and whistles that most mowers are coming with, just something else to break and worry about. Unbelievable what they are now putting on the mowers. As a matter of fact, I was in a dealer today and the sales guy informed me that the new Snapper rider has a dash board developed by BMW that monitors the air filter, oil, push button start, LED headlights, heart monitor (just kidding but why not if you are going to have all the other). It's getting crazy out there with all the stuff they are putting on there. I just want a good solid machine that performs well, reliable and cuts grass well which is what is why I am leaning toward the Hustler. Nothing more. Any input on those?



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Kind of a tossup really. Both mowers are close. I've a couple of neighbors that own Husqvarna's. They seem to do a pretty good job. On another site I visit, a few of the members got Sports. And are more than pleased. The Hustler come from dealers. The Husqvarna can come from a dealer or box store.


Being the wife is going to be sharing saddle time, which mower feels better to her?

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Thanks for the response. I looked at the Hustler alone so I hope to get her in the seat on it and let her drive it around in the parking this weekend or maybe Thursday of this week. Another one that has come to mind is the Toro 74366 - 22hp Kawasaki 42" Zero Turn. The Toro has the 22 HP Kawasaki engine which I believe is alot of motor for that cutting deck size. What is the other site that you are referring to. Be interested to get those guys feedback on the Hustler.

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One other one that I had thought about is the John Deere z425. Any thoughts on that one?


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"One other one that I had thought about is the John Deere z425. Any thoughts on that one?"

It's the cousin of the 445 that has a 25hp Kawasaki instead of a briggs els on the 425.

Here is a link that might be useful: Homeownwer

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