redbud looks dead in middle of may

Tracy1960May 16, 2014

We Planted our redbud in august and it was doing good and now it is middle of may and nothing it looks so dead i broke a branch and it snapped off

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scratch the bark...if you see any green its alive if not its dead

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arbordave (SE MI)

Provenance is key when planting redbuds in northern regions. I planted 3 northern seed source redbuds last spring, and they came through this horrendous winter fine. I also have a redbud purchased at a big box store (unknown provenance) that's been in the ground 2-1/2 years, and it has significant dieback.

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yes I get all kinds of dieback on a Home Depot special, but I have another that is doing fairly well - agree with dave about the source.
even the one that seems 'dead' may not be. My redbuds:
1) are VERY late this year (no growth yet), but will come out eventually when it gets warm
2) Scratch test is a good idea - you may have lost some branches but not the main stem
3) redbuds will often resprout from the base like a peach or a chestnut. I wouldn't hack it down until maybe july.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

NEVER plant leafed out trees in august ...

if you have a warranty.. return it ...

otherwise ... give it time like corky said ... you mostly cant kill the things ... but i dont know if you have the knowledge base.. to reconstruct this tree ... RBs are hard to train .... into single leader trees... from the ground up ...


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