What's everyone planting this year?

tempusflitsJanuary 18, 2014

I think this year, I'm going to content myself with old standbys:
oxeye daisies
shasta daisies

for veggies:
Swiss chard

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

So far, I've planted all natives to support the pollinators. I'll plant annuals later in the spring. I'll try to pull together a list, since I haven't been keeping track as I've planted.


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Here's my list: rudbeckia, foxgove, poppies, and larkspur. I want to try balloon flower and campanula.

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This is what I have done so far:
'Giant Shirley' - Foxglove, Fuji Pink - balloon flower, Virburnum, Lilacs, New Millennium - delphiniums, Milkweed- incarnata, Verbena - Obsession Mix, Lynchis Viscaria, Lynchis Vescucia, Standing Cypress, Pacific Beauty-Calendula, Hoary Vervain, Hairy Mt. Mint, Lovage, and Borage. School has started this will be it for a while.

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I used to have Lynchnis Viscaria - German Catchfly - in a past treasured garden. It was one of my most favourite plants, and this year, when trading with Greylady, she sent me seeds as a surprise. Loved it!!

Aside from the treasures I will be sowing from Greylady, I will also be sowing goodies from Gardens North. I love some of the unique plant seeds they have and this year will sow;
Verbascum Densiflorum, Bombyciferum, and Eriophorum - love the giants in this family. They attract so many bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.
Digitalis Parviflora - Love a perennial Foxglove. Another favourite from the past.
Corydalis Cheilanthifolia
Papaver Somniferum
Penstemon Nitidus
Angelica Ursina - Wish I could get some of the Angelica Gigas, but this is good too.
Molopospermum Peloponnesiacrum - LOL! Try pronouncing that one!! It's Striped Hemlock - really pretty.
Aquilegia Canadensis - No, not every Canadian has this beauty in their gardens. :O)

I will also be going through some old stashes of seeds, but this is a rented property and I am responsible for the landscaping and outdoor property upkeep so have to consider I will be spending time doing those lovely duties. :O)

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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

So far I have done:
Triple curled parsley

Italian parsley

Cat nip

german chamomile

winter thyme

lemon balm

sweeet marjoram

bouquet Dill

garlic chives

russian tarragon

lupin blue purple

giant parsley of Napoli

french rosemary


sedum autumn joy

centaurea montan blue

geum avens

lobelia cardinalis red flowers

campanula cup and saucer mix

playcodon grandiflora balloon flower

coneflower Tomato soup

coneflower Hot Lava

coneflower Hot papaya

monarda ruby red

gaillardia goblin

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Wow, Tiffy and Ontheteam, you all have some nice seeds for this year. Make me want to buy some more seeds.

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I am doing mostly natives for the pollinators as well. I adore the hummingbirds and can't afford a fortune in plants that I have to over winter,.so I'm trying to get as many different natives in there as I can. Also milkweed and other host nectar plants for the monarchs and others. My list includes
indian paintbrush,
Joe pye weed,
bachelor buttons,
chrysanthemum carinatum
cardinal flower
Aster alpinus
Ageratum Eupatorium
Lobelia siphilitica
California bluebells
Standing cypress and a few others.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Wow. Everyone has got great lists going. I'm already worried about how much I have to plant out, and nothing will even sprout for months yet. Here's my approximate list.

Wild Petunia
Mist flower
Whorled Milkweed
Rose Milkweed
Butterfly weed
Common Milkweed
Poke milkweed
Big-leaved Aster
Prairie Onion
False Rue Anemone
Twin leaf
Red Baneberry
Violet Wood Sorrel
Dutchman's Britches
Sharp-lobed Hepatica
Blue Cohosh
White Snakeroot
Monardas Punctata
Coreopsis tincture a
Wild Blue Lupine
Jacob's Ladder
Anemone Virginiana
Unknown shade-tolerant aster
Several Penstemons
Blue Vervain
Hoary Vervain
New Jersey Tea
Downy Wood Mint
Sweet Joe Pye Weed
Monardas fistulosa
Sweet Everlasting
Short's Aster
Wild Garlic

I'm out of growing medium, so I think I'll stop sowing until the bales of ProMix at the garden centers have thawed this spring. Then I'll stick to annuals that will fill in gaps while the perennials get established. Happy sowing!


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Not doing a whole lot this year. The beds are already pretty full! But I've got:

canary bird vine
passion flower vine
lemon balm
double poppies
black prince snapdragon
laurentia sophia
purple prince zinnias
rain lilies

I may find a few more in my seed stash. The black prince snapdragons usually winter over for me, but this very cold winter has killed them all off, so I'm sowing more. The Canary bird vine was one I tried unsuccessfully to start under lights a few years ago (pre-WS). The seeds are old, but I figured I'd give them a shot. If they don't come up WS, then I give up on them. Too many other fun things to grow!

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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

Added more WS stuff:
Common Milk weed
Yellow Coneflower
Aquilegia McKana's Giant's
Yarrow white
Heliotrope Marine
Aquillegia tower Blue Light
Carnation "Can Can" scarlet
dianthus fringed pinks
Purple Echinacea
gaillardia Goblin (again)
Hot Papya Coneflower(again)
dianthus rainbow loveliness mix
Hot Lava coneflower (Again)
Tomato soup coneflower(again)
Gaura lindheimeri aka wand flower
daisy Becky /Shasta
sacbiosa columbaria aka pincushion flower pink mist
rudbeckia hirta aka glorisoa daisy autum colors
matusmurae color purple
babys breath
echinacea aka purple cone flower
carnation chabaud picotee fantasy mix
holly hock zebrina
dianthus baby doll mix
dianthus sweet willam mix
hollyhock dwarf queeny mixed
mimosa pudica aka sensitive plant
acer palmatum dissectum greenleaf cut leaf Japanese maple

Then for fun I sowed some more hot peppers under lights :
Moruga scorpion brain strain
orange Habanero
and ghost Bih Bhut jolokia
This is under lights too...Mariglobe tomato
Eva Ball purple tomato
cowlicks brandywine
brandywine yellow
pinkshipper tomato
green brandy tomato
mcclintocks big pink
top sirloin
warren's yellow cherry
rufus carrigan's mexican pink
liz burt
cheetham's potato leaf
tasmanian chocolate
german johnson
ohio red 1884 purple
black mountain pink
norcarlina pink
granny cantrell
pasilla bajio pepper
rellenos hot pepper

This is stuff I sow for the plant sale in May so I do it under lights to get big show ready plants. I will WS some toms next week that get sold in late may. The plant sale I run for Children's hospital in Boston runs every Fri Sat and Sun in May

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