Battery question 5'x8' vs 3'x5'

cuernoJuly 27, 2010

I got a Montgomery signature 2000 18hp last fall for $50 bucks which had a steering problem and no battery. I fix the steering problem and changed out one of the spindle from a used deck I had, I then put a new battery 5"X8" and placed it on the foot rest and secured it with bungee cords. Now IÂm going to give it to my sister since I just bought a zero turn mower and now will never use nothing else but zero turn. My sister wants to pay to get the original battery 3"x5" that fits under the seat, and I just donÂt think this old mower is going to start right with such a little battery and I was told at Wal Mart that they have no warranty. She's afraid of having the battery so close to her foot and I donÂt want her to spend twenty plus dollars for what might not work very long, so has anyone out there had any long term luck with these tiny batteries???

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Well, i used a very small battery, more or less like the little one that scares you, in my motorcycle for 4 years, and it started a much larger engine than the one in your little tractor! go buy the one so your scaredy-cat sister will be happy! Note that they are more expensive than the one you have on the step now.
On the other hand, i had a Monkey-ward tractor, an older model that used the small battery. It needed a battery, so, having a plethora of the larger ones on hand, i just enlarged the hole, made a u-shaped insert out of a sheet of galvanised tin, bent the ends so it would fit down into the enlarged hole, installed the bigger battery, and all was good. Two sheet metal screws held it in place.
HTH. Rusty Jones

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