October glory maple leaves are wilting and brown :(

trinagwynMay 10, 2014

First time home owner here, and I have a October Glory Maple that was planted in Sept-Oct of last year. I live in Oklahoma and this spring it has been raining like spring weather should. I went away for the weekend, and it was a hot weekend, so the tree didn't get watered. I noticed in the last week the leaves have drooped and now have a burnt chrisp look to them. I water twice a week for 20 minutes at a time, soil below is moist, and I have mulch to help. Please help me!!!

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Another picture

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And another

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you should water.. when they need water.. rather than on some schedule ... insert figure and find out.. and dont water until its near dry down there ...

is your soil clay ... ???

did you amend the planting hole???

any wind storms related to the rain.. just as the leaves were emerging??? .. is the damage on one side?????

any intense cold.. as in forst freeze.. since it leafed out????

i cant tell what going on with the trunk ... it looks bound.. wrapped.. and staked ... i am wondering if any of that is necessary ... pic of the whole tree please ...

i would not be all that concerned.. about a little cosmetic leaf damage ... but it is good you are asking.. lets see how new growth goes.. and if new leaves are affected... if not.. then it was just weather related phenom ...


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I will pay attention to the soil more than just watering it on a schedule-my soil isn't clay and I didn't plant it so I'm unsure if an amending hole was done. The wind has been crazy here for the last two weeks, so yes with the rain has come some powerful winds (hailed once too) plus I'm in a new housing development so there isn't much blockage right now. It leafed out great, I thought yeah I'm a good green thumb for a first timer, and then it rained and froze one night, but I was unsure about that being the problem. All my neighbors trees don't look like this so I thought I did something to,cause it. The trunk is bound to a bamboo stick, and if can tell you it's needed-the tree would have broke without it bc of the crazy wind. Thanks for your help on this-not sure what to do :)

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It looks to me like Anthracnose fungi which is relayed to excessive moisture. I would look into that. See link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Anthracnose Fungi

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I'm hoping that is what it is. I read that article seems there isn't much I can do right now other than pay attention to the dirt and not water it on a schedule. I'm hoping this is what it is-Thank you!

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