Weeping Cherry Branches Dying

Jan_NYMay 6, 2012

We have a 8 year weeping cherry showing signs of distress. Blooms and leaves half of what should be. When look closely, see mold/lichen on bark, concentrated in crotch of tree. Many underneath branches have no leaves. Brought picture to local nursery; don't know problem.Please advise if there is way to save tree or where to go.

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Lichens are harmless.
Look up your local cooperative extension office in your phone book white pages under "county."
Take a branch and go see them- they will know what is going on. I have even sent email images and received very helpful advice.
There is an office full of these people just waiting for property owners to come in and be helped. They have all manner of printed material on topics local to you and want to help- use them.

Don't forget to get your annual soil test while you are there.
It is free and knowing the nature of your soil is the first step in successful gardening.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what about frost/freeze ..

and bringing a picture here???


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