Composting mint plant

bucketgirl(9b)July 12, 2013

Hi Everyone,

My mint plant is doing poorly (in a pot) so I cut off the tops, leaving the roots, in the hopes that it would revive. I think it is root bound, but we will see -

But that isn't my question :-) Can I put the mint in the compost or will it sprout roots and grow like crazy in there? Right now I have it sitting out in the sun to dry. Currently there are no roots in the pile I have cut off.


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Mint is a thug and I wouldn't compost it until I let the cuttings sit in a dark plastic bag in the sun for a week or more. It's what I do with all noxious weeds and once they are cooked they are harmless. It smells awful when you open the bag as they have decomposed anaerobically but added to the compost the smell goes away.

Mint will form roots if there is any moisture so don't let it fool you!

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Or just leave it in the hot sun for a week or two till it's good and dead. If it's only a potted plant there won't be that much to deal with. I do this with bermuda grass and after awhile it does actually die. :-]

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Mints can be propagated by stem cuttings so if these are put into a growing medium and they are allowed access to sunlight they could root. If buried deeply with no access to sunlight that probably will not happen.

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Someone gave me a clipping from her chocolate mint. I forgot all about it, and it sat on my porch for over a week. Just laid out on the table, no water. I figured it was not just merely dead, but most sincerely dead and tossed it into my large planter. It didn't just grow, it took over the planter. I finally scooped all the soil from the planter and threw it into the garbage to start over. I still find shoots around where the planter sat.
Way too invasive.

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I had chocolate mint in one of the perennial beds. I contained it by sinking a 'disposable' black nursery pot from a small tree with the bottom cut out. The roots wouldn't go that deep so it stayed in. Gotta watch it sneaking over the top or dropping seads though! Insidious stuff, mint. Once it gets loose, containment policy is about the best you can do.

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Mint is evil. Neither it, nor bermuda go in my compost. Not worth the risk for one tiny shot of nitrogen. Incidentally, that's how I weigh anything I'm curious about putting in the bin. What's the chance of this spreading if I compost it (or, in the case of tomato plants, spreading disease) vs. the benefit I'll see from it in the bin? YMMV, but I don't trust my hot-composting skills enough to risk lots of things that other folks on here compost. Like weeds that have formed a seed head, etc.

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