Too much rain

Allen456(8)July 7, 2013

After years of drought, I can't believe I just typed, "too much rain".

Nothing to really contribute, just venting. So much mulch has been washed away I can't keep up. And I've noticed some plants beginning to suffer from an overabundant supply of moisture, most notably a dogwood sapling that has only been in the ground a couple of years.

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Send some of that rain my way. We're in our 3rd successive year of drought. We came out for a few months over winter into early spring, but it didn't last. This week we're at less than 42% of our expected YTD precip, and haven't had any measurable rainfall since June 12. On Tuesday the US Drought Monitor moved us back into D-3, "extreme drought."

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Much of the west is in extreme or exceptional drought - see link

Here is a link that might be useful: drought monitor

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

We have had nearly 10 inches of rain within the past 3 weeks here...

Plants/shrubs out back look great. But plants out front started getting yellow leaves from water logged soil...

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Jim I feel your pain.

We had 6" in June and over 6" already this month (with rain in the forecast nearly every day). Tropical storm season cranks up late August and we'll surely get deluged at some point this fall.

Feast or famine. Philosophy of the world.

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Well, finally we got some rain - first since June 12. We've had about 1/3rd of an inch in the last 24 hrs. As of one week ago more than 75% of TX is in severe, extreme or exceptional drought. My guess is this week that number will increase. Rice farmers are taking a beating, again. Right now I would welcome a TS - a good 8-12" over 24-48 hours would be welcome. We're now having problems with salt wedge migration up the rivers from the Gulf. We're in need of a good flush-out, and some filling of the reservoirs.

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We actually caught some of that rain over the past weekend. Strange to see weather moving from the east coast all the way back to Texas.

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After getting 2/3 of our annual average by mid-June, the spigot got shut off. I now have cracks I can put my hand into. In the last week we've had 2 thunderstorms pass within a few miles and dump an inch of rain, but completely missed us. :-[ Send down the rain Lord, send down the rain. I don't care if it's the latter rain or the former rain, just send it.

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Not a whole lot one can do to stop heavy rainfall from affecting the garden. I put down a inch or two of compost as mulch around my tomato plants.

If the weather forecast was two to three inches of rain, I might put down tarps around a few of my best tomato plants. I have on a few occasions put down a few extra inches of compost around my tomatoes. To absorb some of the expected rainfall. One year it rained two inches in less than a day, one yellow Dr C. cherry tom had over 300 cherries split.

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On the bright side, my compost pile is devouring cardboard like mad.

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