Willow tree turning brown...help!

kelly014May 1, 2014

Hello! I'm not sure if this is the correct place, but we are having some issues with a new willow we planted and I would really appreciate any advice on the subject. I've attached a picture of when we planted vs now.

It gets sun about half the day, we planted it about three weeks ago and I don't believe we've let it dry out, especially the past week because it's been very rainy. We started noticing the browning a week or two ago, and it's steadily getting worse. It experienced a hard freeze (low was 26), and it was covered with a pillowcase that night. Could that be why it is browning even though the freeze was a few weeks ago? Should we trim the brown parts off? Anything else we can do? TIA!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

freeze damage doesnt show until weeks later ...

it also has transplant shock ...

and i suggest you move it... you gave it no room to grow toward the house.. nor the walkway behind ... its not going to stay that size forever ...

it will shed damaged leaves.. i cant focus on the pic.. well enough to see if there are undamaged leaves ... the future is in new growth ... so watch that.. rather than focusing on the damage ...

you water when it needs water.. insert finger ... and find out.. no guessing ...

do not cut anything.. until you are sure its dead.. maybe in fall ...


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We were told it would get two feet taller max and that it was a good option for something next to our house. I was thinking frost damage as well, but didn't know it took so long to really show up. Thank you for your help!

ETA: after talking with my husband he remember them telling us 2-4 feet taller max, just wanted to clarify.

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