Gritty mix storage question

Clm128July 31, 2013

hello to all! ive just whipped up some gritty mix for my plants but i could only buy large quantities of the ingredients in my area and i was wondering about the left over mix if theres any reason why they wouldnt keep in a large plastic tubaware container with a lid on it until im ready to use them next year or whenever that may be? or will it break down on its own?

also the only granite i could find was 1/4 not 1/8`` so how will this effect my mix and will everything be okey if i just watter alittle more often?

thanks in advance

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Like any other type of potting soil, it can be stored indefinitely if kept dry.

The difference in grit size only makes the mix a bit more 'gritty' :-) No worries.

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perfect thanks! i would asume to counter the "more gritty" just water a little more often?

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