Weeping Willow help needed!!

skeeterbellaMay 10, 2012

My 5 year old willow tree looks like it is dying. We thought initially that Roundup being sprayed close by was the reason but on closer inspection there are white stringy things coming out of the trunk and increasing daily. I haven't been able to find out what this is and I really want to save my tree! Any advice?

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"White stringy things coming out of the trunk?"

Any chance you could get us some photos. That would help a lot.

In lieu of that, one guess, is is frass (caterpillar poop and residue) from some kind of trunk borer -- willows are pretty prone to borers?

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Thanks, I posted a picture in the photo gallery with the caption tree board. The tree was all nice and green and then suddenly started dying.

Here is a link that might be useful: willow photo

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The picture doesn't give enough real detail to tell exactly what the white objects are. They don't really appear to me to be something "coming out of the trunk", but rather, something falling down from above, most likely spent catkins from either the willow or some other nearby tree. However, as I said, can't really tell from the image posted.

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Thanks for looking. I have found what I think it is based on some pictures I found on the internet. Asian Ambrosia Beetles. The frass comes out of the trunk and is white just like with my willow. Sadly all advice says remove the tree and burn it:(

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