jacaranda minosifolia looking sad. how to make it happy again?

mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))May 22, 2014


so my jacaranda has been grown from seed I doors for now 5 months, it was started in a three-by-three-by-four inch pot, when it reached six inches I put it into its current pot.
I have tried this tree now around ten times. all previous attempts died before repotting, I have found they love moist soil not wet, so I give them, 30ml in morning and 10ml in evening. it loves dilapidated shade, so I hAve it growing under a basic growlight (125watt 6400k CFL blue light)
recently the tree has been looking sad. as you can see it looks like it's wilting, I don't know why, I have stopped the evening watering and it's not helped. I have not fed the tree yet. (once every two months; I don't want it huge quickly)
I removed the lower leaves (ones with less than ten small leaves) see if that helps, so it has less to work with. but I think it may have been that, that has caused it to weaken as it now has less photosynthesis.

it being a sub-tropical plant I won't be putting it outside till middle of June. as it's still 7 to 12�c at night - too cold -
what is the growth habit of the tree? - are the leaves weeping like or do they form an umbrella like canopy?
I am aware that it may never flower here in UK,

if I was to 'pinch' the growing tip out would it be far to early to do it? shall I let it 'branch' on its own?

I don't want. it to be more than 4/5ft tall as it gets older as I want to be able to keep it indoors at winter.
I am also aware it's a deciduous plant, now I have noticed it dropping one or two leaf lets now and again but I think that maybe as I am sleeping with windows open and the slight cold draft?

is it a possible bonsai specimen? if so when should I start? year old or what?

sorry for rather alot to ask.

thank you

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Doubtful these would make very good bonsai specimens. They become huge trees as you probably know.

I do think you can pinch them back, BUT if there's not enough light, the plant won't have the vigor to generate multiple growths.

Outside of a trip to California or Spain, or a vacation outdoors, I don't know what else to say.

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mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))

so you're saying it may look 'sad' as there isn't enough light?

and yeah I am aware it gets huge! but I am prepares to have it against wall indoors with a more powerful growlight (300-600w dual spectrum the HPS bulb) and have it as a centre piece.! I ha e a coconut palm (seedling at moment 5'3") that grows same place as jacaranda.

maybe once it gets to big I'll have to sell/donate


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davidrt28 (zone 7)

I don't think these are known for being amenable to container culture. It might grow for a few years, but it is unlikely to bloom.

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