small wheel for the deck on my rider

v1rtu0s1ty(5a)August 2, 2010

I want to add the 2 small wheel for my rider's deck. If I remember correctly, YardMachine(MTD website) is charging me around $60-$70 for the 2 pairs. On my other thread, it was advice not to buy from OEM. So where can I buy a pair of wheels for my riding mower's deck?


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virtuosity, the reference I made in your other thread was only in regard to buying "replacement fuel hose". Sorry if I was not clear in that respect. The statement I made was aimed at "generic" types of parts or materials.
You are going to learn that some things are available as generic items available from general sources, while certain other items are "proprietary" and can ONLY be obtained from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
The wheels you desire might fall into the proprietary category.
Please post the entire model number and serial number of your machine (# usually found under the seat).
With the model number and SN, we can hopefully find an online IPL showing the wheels in question.
And you might post one of your excellent photos showing the place on the deck where this wheel would fit. :^)

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A good example of the difference is this.

If you deck had come with wheels, but they had worn down, there is a better than 80% chance you could get generic replacements. These may or may not be identical, but should be useable.

However, if your deck never had wheels, and you need a "wheel upgrade kit" there is a better than 50% chance a dealer will be the only source (of course there are local dealers and online dealers and that is a different discussion).

If you want to save money watch ebay for a few weeks and also look around online. Be sure to include shipping as part of the cost. You can then see what is a "good price".

Best of luck.

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Mine didn't come with the deck wheels. When I get home tonight, I'll post the model number and serial number.

Thanks folks! =)

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***"Mine didn't come with the deck wheels."***
Yes, we understand that part. What we don't know is whether any of the brackets that are necessary for mounting the wheels are present on your deck.
That's why I suggested a photo. Even if the brackets are already on your deck, the wheel axles and stuff to hold that part (and the wheel) in place must be obtained.
Perhaps a "wheel kit" can be purchased that will have every piece of hardware, including the wheels.

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What we don't know is whether any of the brackets that are necessary for mounting the wheels are present on your deck.

No, it's not present. I only see predrilled holes.

Here is the model and serial number

By the way, I wasn't able to use my rider this year. I was planning to use it around June but looks like the battery drained. I'm not sure how old the battery is. When I try to turn the key, nothing happens. Do we have to remove the wires from the battery in winter? Or should I remove the battery and put it inside the house? It was in my non-heated garage.

Sorry guys, took me so long. :)

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why not call the 800 number on the decal bottom and let MTD get you the details on that deck wheel ?

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It's because I was told that there might be a generic kit that I can get which can give me few $$ savings.


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The photo I was hoping for would have shown the area of the deck where the wheels would be............if it had wheels.

I have provided an image that illustrates the same and now we need to know, "Do the 2 brackets indicated by red arrows exist on your deck?"

If the brackets are there, then you would need to purchase items #19, #29, and #36..........or the generic equivalent of those parts.
You could easily obtain item 19 "Flange nut" at a well stocked hardware store as there is nothing proprietary about those.
Item 36 is a "shoulder bolt" and is likely proprietary to this application, so you would either have to buy the MTD part, or possibly a generic brand replacement part is available (but you would have to try to cross reference the MTD part number to another brand of aftermarket parts.
Item 29 Wheel could very likely be obtained the same as for item 36.

Instead of using item 36 shoulder bolt axle, a very "handy" person could substitute a standard diameter bolt, with the right size tubular spacer slipped over the bolt shank, for the wheel to spin on. But that would also imply the person had good local resources for buying tube stock and a comprehensive tool kit to make the custom spacers.
There does not seem to be a "wheel kit" available from MTD just by looking at the IPL online. I did not search the MTD site to see if there might be a "kit" marketed as "accessory items" (owner could still do that).

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That's an awesome post! :)

The brackets do not exist. I'll call them then to confirm.

Thanks so much for your post! I really appreciate it.

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***"The brackets do not exist."***
That's kinda, sorta, what I was afraid might be the case.
The fact that MTD DOES NOT list the brackets separately means that the brackets are a permanent "weldment" (in so fas as welding can be called "permanent")
If there are no pre-drilled holes in the deck (photo?) where such a bracket could be added (using OEM parts) then you have very few options for getting those wheels onto your deck.

All the options would require custom fabrication at what cost?

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You know what, I'll search for a picture of my rider. I am sure there is a hole but it didn't look like a bracket. If you don't hear from me within the hour, that means, I didn't find any picture of my rider. Instead, I'll post a pic then tonight.


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Just an update folks. I bought the OEM 190-183 in Amazon last night, $20-$25 savings. :)

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