Identify cherry tree disease

Stefan_ZMay 20, 2014

I think its an 'Okame Cherry'. Pink blossomed top to bottom early spring but since then took a turn is now struggling to grow leaves (patchy), the bark doesnt look right peeling etc.
We had an extremely brutal winter this year, soil in the area is slightly acidic and sandy. Its my parents tree I don't think its fed regularly.
Please help my identify the problem.
Thank you.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

a tree does not need to be fed ... nor is that a remedy ...

these are rather short lived trees.. when contemplated in tree years ... it most likely past its prime ...

and i wonder if decades back.. it was in full sun.. like its supposed to be ... and in the interim ... it is now in shade .????

that slight leaf damage.. wouldnt bother me at all ... and i wouldnt do anything about it ...


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Thanks for the response,
the tree is only 7 years old and it gets pretty solid southern light, about 3/4. Its been very healthy in the past, obviously the brutal winter has affected it this year and its evident.
I guess I'm just curious what can be done to shore up its vitality before pests and disease take over.. Is the trunk supposed to look that jacked up? I cant remember ever seeing it that rough?

after its leafed in a few weeks should I prune anything that hasn't leafed?

any basic soil amendments, fertilizers fungicides or pesticides recommended? Id like to be proactive about keeping this tree healthy.

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