JD X500 versus Cub Cadet GT-2554

pavman1August 7, 2008

Moving onto 4 acre property, and will have about 3 acres of rough terrain full of weeds, growth, etc...

I've narrowed my choices to the John Deere x500 and the Cub Cadet GT 2554. JD is about $1300 more than the Cub Cadet. Is it worth the extra money?

Any owners of either out there, please give me your $.02.

Thank you!

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

i have a JD X500 i got about a month ago. we have 4 VERY rough acres, with lots of trees aroudn the house. with my old JD L130 it took a MINIMUM of 5 hours to cut the grass, with teh X500 48" deck it takes just under 3 hours and that was the first time i cut and still getting used to it.

i can tell you this, it takes some getting used to the speed response. i was cutting the roughest area and going maybe 1/3 speed. i hit a few bumps that jarred me enough to make my foot go down and the X500 INSTANTLY jumped to full speed! this area of my "lawn" is rough enough to bounce you in your seat in my Dodge 1500 4x4, even at 4 MPH. other areas that are just rough on the L130 are smooth on the X500.

i personally like the green color, and know nothing about the Cubs. which dealer is closer to you? the warranty is 4year/400 hours ont eh Deere, looks to be 3 years/150 hours ont eh Cub. around here the closest cub DEALER is 60 miles and in another state. the few folks tha tbuy them seem to trade them in after the first time they need service. but that is a LOCAL thing.

i have also read of numerous issues with cubs, from melting hoods to leaking oil drains. google "more hood woes" and see what you come up with. there are several threads on the issues.

JD also has the plastic hood, and it will melt if you run the tractor with the hood open. btu the Cubs seem to have the issue even with it closed.

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Pavman -

you might take a look at this current thread...

Here is a link that might be useful: x500 thread

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Both dealers are close in proximity, and both have good service reputations. I have read about the level issue on the 500's and that makes me a bit leary. I'm trying to justify the extra expense for the JD by gauging the responses of owners like yourselves.
Have you done any maintenance on your own on the JD...is it fairly simple to do oil changes, etc...?

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I found additional bad reviews for the Cub Cadets which are consistent to what I've been hearing.

Decision made...I'll grab the John Deere!

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The link below shows what a guy who lives near me thought of his Cub Cadet a couple of years ago. For the record, I have no clue what caused it to burn.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

i have not had to do any maintenance yet, almost to teh initial oil change though. but from looking it over most things seem pretty easy to do. mine the deck was out of level on delivery. but i leveled it and all was fine. one thing though, the dial can be turned all the way around and get off. when i first got mine even with teh dial set to 1.5" the deck would only go down the 3", but with ti at 4" the deck would go to the ground. i turned the dial one full turn and all markings were lined up correctly. even after cutting my ROUGH yard, the deck is still just where i set it.

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I have a 2500 series Cub and it seems to be fine but I have owned a JD and if I were spending that much time in the seat, I would consider moving up. I doubt you would regret it. I suspect the JD would make you happier.

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If both dealers are in close proximity have each of them bring one out so you can see how they perform on your conditions.

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I don't know guys. I have about 3 acres of really bad terrain (think idiot pre-owners who thought a farm spot was exclusively for mudding and four wheeling). Just got a Cub 2554 and am extremely pleased with it. The Deere is about 1500-2000 more for what I deemed, essentially, the same type of product. Extremely well made, cast iron axles, machined aluminum front end parts. Kohler 2 cyl. engine. I'd go Cub.

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