Sick Willow Oak

bertsproMay 16, 2014

Hey all,
I planted this willow oak last April/May and soon after I planted it I noticed a split in one of the main branches, so I waited until after the leaves dropped and pruned it/cut it off. This year it leafed out very late - about a month after my maples and other oaks did - and quite a few branched didn't leaf out at all, including the top. It also has put on very little growth, where my other trees have put on normal growth. It has developed an area of sponginess and discolored bark, but it doesn't look like what I have found in pictures on the Internet of canker. Anyone have any experience in this? Is this tree a goner or will it recover? I spent $200 on this guy last year and would hate to cut it down if it will make it.

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more pics

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no idea why these pics are posting sideways...

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another pic

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Having trouble posting more pics. let's try again...

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Since nobody answered you, it looks like canker, but nothing is coming out. My post will bump it up to the top again. Frost cracks? Slim Flux? Slime flux usually is higher, and has sugary water frothy sort of coming out. Others will add on hopefully.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

it was a large transplant...

it has a lot of leaves to worry too much ...

yes.. there is damage under the bark ... all we can do.. is wait and watch ... and think about that in tree years... not the immediacy of your worry ...

keep it properly watered for two more years you know what that means?


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Hey guys thanks for replying, I was beginning to think I was going to have to repost so I stopped following along after a few days.

Anyways, yes I know how to keep it watered, it is in a spot in the lawn that is a short throw from my huge rain barrel and another hose bib. It had no problems leafing out last year and put on some growth right out of the gates. This year it leafed out late and maybe 25% of the branches have little or no leaves, including the top. Wouldn't a disease like the ones mentioned mean that it will eventually die completely? I'd rather get it over with if so. thanks again

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I may be wrong but the Willow oak seems a bit sensitive when young. I have 2 and thought they were dead, up until this past week. They are going to leaf out, but I would've bet they were dead last week. Yeah, I would give them time, just my personal observation. I hope your Willow oak does well. It could be as simple as growth cracks, frost cracks etc. My oaks have cracks on the trunk, where the bark gets thicker, and allows for girth growth. I guess Give it time

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