? when to sow seeds requiring stratification

ellenrr(7a)January 27, 2012


I think the optimum time in my zone would be now.

But I'm giving a workshop on March 10, and wondering if I should say that date is too late for seeds requiring stratification, or is it worthwhile to take a chance, with the proviso that it may be too late?



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Ellen, I think you are really pushing it in your zone now for seeds that need cold stratification. March 10th, i believe is really too late for this year.

I'm zone 5 and I wouldn't put out any seeds in my zone that need any cold stratification any late than the first weeks in February. If I do so any later than that, my germination rate is very, very poor to near zero.

Especially this year with this crazy weather, my neighbor just found some sprouts of her daylily popping through the ground and normally we would be buried under at least 2 feet of snow and having temps in the 20's-30's right now.
Instead it is 52 degrees today pouring rain and no snow in sight.


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Thanks for the input.

we are also having crazy weather. Yesterday it was near 50 and I saw some crocuses blooming!

altho I do not like winter, I like even less having spring when it should be winter.

for one thing, if we don't get a real cold period, the ticks, fleas and other nasties will flourish.

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I've just started winter sowing after reading this great forum and don't know if it's late or not, considering the bizarre weather we're having, but I've been bitten by the ws bug and had to give it a try! Today I put out:
Alchemilla "Irish Silk"
Aquilegia "Ruby Port", "Tower Lt. Blue" and "Tower White"
Aurunus dioicus
Bergenia "Winter-Flowering Hybrids"
Catananche caerulea
Eragrostis spectabilis (Purple Love Grass)
Eryngium "White Glitter"
Heurchera "Firefly"
Hypericum androsaemum
Mondarda "Lambada"
Panicum violaceum
Papaver nudicaule "Flamenco"
Penstemon "Esprit"
Rudbeckia triloba "Prairie Glow"
Solidago "Golden Baby"
Thalictrum aquilegifolium

I would never have imagined I could do all of that and all the ones yet to be done if you all hadn't been so generous and encouraging with your posts. Keep up the good work!

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Did your Thalictrum come up? I have some saved seeds and am thinking of trying them.

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