When can I divide my coneflower?

plove53(6)July 22, 2008

My Aunt wants to add a few purple coneflowers to her yard (from my yard)... NOW its in the middle of summer (z6) can I divide now or wait 'till the fall?



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Conventional wisdom says wait until after they bloom. But I throw caution to the wind all the time. I moved some purple coneflowers from one yard to mine a few weeks ago, right as they were starting to bloom. Just get a good clump of dirt with the roots and after planting, water like mad. They will droop for a few days, but keep them moist--they'll bounce back.

You might lose a little growth and a few extra blooms, but coneflower is a trooper. Mine look terrific now.


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After boom (in the fall) or in the spring once they start growing. Fall and spring are for planting/transplanting.

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Division is best done in the fall, but now is the time for basal cuttings. I take them all through the spring and summer and root them indoors. After they grow for about a month, move them outdoors right before a rainstorm. This to me is better than dividing them anyways as I can make many more plants than by simple division.

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If you were closer I'd say come get some. I never have had coneflowers reseed till this year and they popped up all over the garden to my surprise. Maybe because I let the beds go au naturelle last winter - no clean up.

Now if only White Swan would reseed - it never has no matter what I do.

Echinaceamaniac - I have been browsing your posts about the new echs and I have to say - the pale yellow Harvest Moon is really beautiful. I guess thats the only yellow one right now. I just saw a huge stand of it in full sun this morning and it is really gorgeousl

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You are always welcome!!! :)

Anyway, I bought one plant 5 years ago and WOW I have them all over the yard... evertime I see a new one blooming I did it up and place it ??? ... I give them to coworkers, family, friends.

I hear you can soak your feet with the cone and it will helps what ills you... TRUE???

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