Phlox Tiara flower buds turn brown before they even open

starlight99_gwJuly 29, 2014

Hi everyone....I have a phlox tiara that is in its 3rd season now and I have never actually seen its flowers opened properly. The flower buds seem to turn brown before they even open. Also, I bought it as 4 stems and it is still 4 stems now while my other phlox have tripled in number. I would appreciate your kind help. Thankx!

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Don't know, SL.

Many of our garden phloxes are flowering, or just coming into flower, but can't find the single 'Tiara' planted (in flower) two years ago. Think it's died.

I do remember seeing some bud-browning of individual flowers, on the plant, last year.

Perhaps it's related to the unusual flower-form (double or semi-double flowers, in a garden phlox).

Our current minor garden phlox problem likely results from an overlap between where we've been placing the sprinkler for watering; namely several plants with stems of yellow leaves - very likely the result of nutrient deficiency, from overwatering (inadequate drainage).

Would be interesting to hear if anyone else has seen browning of buds on their 'Tiara'.

Find some garden phlox cultivars I've planted are much more vigorous than others. Location within our garden is also has influential.

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Thank you SB for your input. During its first season I had it in a full sun location and browning of the buds occured. The people at Sheridan Nursery where I bought it from suggested it needed some afternoon shade and so I moved it to a partial shade location with sun until 1 pm and it was still happening. Now I'm still seeing the same thing. Could it be as a result of some nutrients my soil is lacking? This spring I added 2 inches of compost and 2 inches of mulch and 1 round of slow release all purpose fertilizer.

My other phloxes are just coming into bloom as well....and you are probably correct about the reason as to why the browning of some of the leaves on the bottom of the stems as a result of overwatering and poor drainage. This year we have been getting a lot of regular rainfall in Toronto and I have not had to use my hose as often so I'm not seeing that yet!

It would be nice to find out if anyone else have seen this happen to their Tiara as well. The picture on the tag for Tiara is so pretty and I have been looking forward to seeing it in person ever since I bought it.

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gringo(z8 VA)

I seem to have found out , I have the very same problem with mine. Rather disappointing, as it took so long, either just to get it to grow, or get the correctly named cultivar. Now that I have seen it "in flower", in person & view yours, I suspect it is an inherent problem with this particular cv.

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So "the first garden phlox with a double flower" is a dud?

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