OT but.....insulating a garden shed...yeah or nay?

shellva(Camden 7b/8a)July 8, 2007

I know this isn't the correct forum but it's where I come all the time, I know lots of knowledgeable people hang out here, many of the more techy types (said with the utmost respect), and there is a lot of reading/writing traffic so I am posting my off topic question here:-)I hope I will be forgiven and given answers.

Bought an 8 x 10 shed. Sits out in the middle of the yard with NO shade. One neighbor keeps harping on the bennies of insulating it. 2 men at Lowes who work in the insulation section said it's a waste of time and money. One usually only insulates when they have a heating/cooling type system in place for the area which of course we will not.

I would like to keep the gas can out there and this is what I am mostly worried about. I do have some liquid type things that I'd prefer to keep out there like garlic, neem, pyola oil but they can stay in the garage.

I'm mainly worried about the gas cans.

So in ya'll's opinion, do we insulate the shed or not?

I sure do appreciate everyone's time:)


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I'm interested in this too! I also bought an 8 x 10 shed, and there is minimal shade over it. Our summers get to about 110 degrees. I don't plan to insulate the shed, but I've also wondered about putting the gas can for the mower out there. Is the garage any cooler, though? Mine isn't insulated either.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Out in the Nevada deserts I have never seen or heard of an insulated shed. The gas can should have a tiny hole to allow pressure to do whatever it is that pressure needs to do. I have seen some plastic containers bulge out from pressure caused by temperature but it is unlikely that insulation would have prevented this.

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None of my sheds are insulated and I do not see much point unless you were going to heat them in the winter and /or cool them in the summer. A simple box fan or other type fan will exchange hot air inside for outside air if you are going to have to be in there long.

Most gas cans can withstand the pressure of heating up in a shed, much the same way your gas tank on your vehicle does. Anticipate and allow for built up pressure when you are going to open one.

I would think that probably of more concern should be storing things there that should not be allowed to freeze in the winter. Enjoy your shed, they offer some security against theft and protection from rain, snow etc. Spring and fall in nice weather (temp wise) they can be pleasant to work in if you have a workbench.
Bill P.

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dottyinduncan(z8b coastal BC)

We insulated our garden shed for wintertime to keep it above freezing to store plants. In our climate all we need is a light bulb and a fan to keep the air moving. I've no experience with a "too warm" summer problem, especially this year.

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shellva(Camden 7b/8a)

Thanks everyone for your input. The "nays" have it! I'll save the money on the insulation and just store the few liquid type things I have in my garage. We usually don't store gas over the winter so that point isn't an issue for freezes. Besides we seldom get below 15 degrees and even when we do it's typically for such a short time. Now of course this isn't taking global warming into account ;-)

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curtludwig(New England)

Gas isn't a problem when it comes to freezing except that if you're in a moist environment it might pick up some condensation from the air.

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

the biggest problem with insulating it is because you are not planning on cooling it. insulation keeps it cool longer, but once it heats up it stays HOT longer too. therefore during the summer it can easily turn into a bake house. i do insulate my sheds, have almost every one i ever owned. but i also stick a window AC in them and turn it on a little while before i will be out there working.

one other option is to put a couple vents thru the wall to allow the heat to dispurse. but with out somethign to actively move the air, it will still get very hot. we have a 12x20 shed out back of the office, and one day last week the temps outside were around 94, but inside the shed it was 146! no insulation or vents at all in that one, yet. but it is new and unused at the moment. i was just checking to see how hot it was in there.

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