Blocking tree roots from pipes

PosadaMay 1, 2014

Pool plumbing was installed about 3 ft. from a redwood that is about 6-in in diameter and 15 ft tall. Plumbing is about 16-in deep. Is it possible/recommended to dig a channel and place some sort of physical barrier to prevent roots from affecting the pipes? Or should we try to transplant the tree? Or should we resign ourselves to choosing between the tree and our pool? In reading Q/A about transplanting, I realize we may not have enough space to follow recommended directions, so an attempted transplant might be a bit too rough on the tree.

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The pool plumbing is sealed and the Redwood's roots won't cause any problems. Tree roots will only enter sealed plumbing at pre-existing leak spots...if you have a pre-existing leak, your pool level would be dropping (for reasons other than evaporation).

The only concern would be heaving of the pipes as the tree grows but I expect the expected life span of the pool/plumbing will be well passed before that ever becomes an issue.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you dont mention what redwood you are talking about..

but you better hope you never have to dig to fix the pool works ... before its 100 feet tall ...

get rid of it ... it has too much potential in a small backyard.. with a pool ...

or i am misunderstanding the future and the siting ...


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if you can replace it for say.. 30 bucks.. i wouldn't waste a whole day of back breaking labor to move that large a tree.. that will probably die.. if you dont have experience doing it ...

its just not worth it ...


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