Winter sowing nemophilia

tamela_star(Zone 7)January 2, 2014

I started my winter sowing yesterday. I was wondering if it's safe to winter sow nemophilia in zone 7? I thought it was safe but this is the first year of winter sowing and I just want to make sure. So far I sowed morning glories, bachelor buttons, poppies, pincushion flowers, petunias, dianthus, and black currant datura. All black variety of flowers!

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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

Is this it ?;jsessionid=341AC3E3A186410525DBA7FFD683AF45.node5?catId=2181&trail=&_requestid=865213

Its cute. I do not see why you could not WS it. Good

Here is a link that might be useful: baby blue eyes?

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

Yup that's the flower. I sowed the penny black. Some forums said to winter sow in march but I thought I could winter sow all ofmy seeds this month. Hopefully, this will work out. I heard they reseed by themselves, so I though it was safe. Thanks for your help.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

A lot of people wait till march and even april to sow their annuals. I usually sow mine, including marigolds, petunias and others, in Feb. and they've done just fine. Sowing now is probably OK for most things -- you'll just have a longer wait for sprouts. If you're worried you can always hold back some seeds and sow them later, then you can compare.

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

I have held back most types except for the nemophila, poppy and peony seeds. I thought people started around December 21, but I guess it depends on the zone. I expect to see sprouts in early spring. I have more Nemophila penny black on the way from a trade. I figured since these type of annuals reseed each year in zone 7, I thought it would be okay to do it now. I'll do more in march. I thought the more cold weather the stronger they'll be. I'm very new to this method.

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Since this is an early spring blooming annual and I imagine they will germinate quite well when cool conditions exist. Chart says 55 degrees for germination. This one would be a very good candidate for wintersowing, the seeds will not germinate if its too warm to prevent them from germinating in summer. Its a native so you might get it to naturalize and come up each spring if its happy.

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By the way, poppy seeds also need cool temps to germinate and they really resent being transplanted, I always sow these directly. They come up quite easily usually in late winter. I wouldn't winter sow these in a jug, I think your chances for success would be hurt.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

What i meant by waiting longer to see sprouts was that they'll come up when the conditions are right, regardless of when you sow. So if you put them out now you'll have longer to wait than if you put them out in Feb. or March.

And it's fine to do your sowing now. The only danger is a warm spell that has things sprouting too early then getting zapped when cold weather returns. Doesn't seem like much of a danger this winter, at least in my part of the country. We've had four snow events since the beginning of Dec. already.


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tamela_star(Zone 7)

I ws the poppies and peonies in a container because of slugs in my garden. They love to eat new seedlings in the spring, but since you said something, I'll put the seeds in the garden when the snow melts. Hopefully soon. I saw them on the list of winter sowing and I didn't know they were sensitive. Thanks for the tips!

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