Leafhoppers swarming,,,, OH MY!

particentral(8)June 23, 2014

ok. I have no sprayed ANY insecticide in three years at my shop onto my roses. NOT ONCE. THat year I had Aphids so badly they were killing roses and washing them off four times a day wasnt enough....I have ladybugs and lizards now though so they have done a great job of keeping everything to a minimum!

This year I have been invaded by what turned out to be some type of leafhopper (thanks for helping me ID it) so I ordered some Spinosid and sprayed this morning....

WELL THOUSANDS (it was probably not that many but it sure seemed like it) of little white leafhoppers swarmed off of the bushed onto ME and into the air around me....I had on safety goggles and a mask, but that didnt stop a mild panic moment when they started....

SO now, I am spraying the entire garden, and will have to spray the Jasmine out in the back of the shop as well....which I had not wanted to do since it surrounds my dog pen, but Spinosid is safe for dogs (its in Comfortis for fleas after all) so I am not too worried....

I have never been so viciously attacked by ANY bug ever...but my roses are dying because of them, so I am out to kill them.....and they th ink they can win apparently!!!!! silly little things... should have picked someone elses roses to bother!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Maybe Michaelg was right! "Could be a mutation caused by atomic testing and we are all doomed." Oh my!

Seriously I wish you the best of luck with your problem particentral! Keep us updated please....

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I've never personally seen a leafhopper! I'll have to research them more. Hopefully they can be controlled for you...

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Well I have three colors it appears so I am assuming they are the same insect just different lifestages but I could be wrong. I have green (they appear to be the bigger, normal looking ones) and then a white smallish (they is the ones that attack) and a dark gray one.

I didn't notice any this morning when I came in. Yesterday they were visible on the canes and branches.

The gray and white ones look like thorns at first...they thy fly up and try to kill you.....

OK maybe I am exaggerating but I have 20 bites on my legs and arms....and its almost like I am fighting off huge gnats when they fly off the bushes and go for the person or thing disturbing their hideaway....

ANd I am still on track to prune back the knockouts and see what happens because right now they remind me of tumbleweeds. I never saw these darn things until I went to cut down one of the plants the other day. They sat on the trunks mostly but they appear to be sapping the moisture and nutrients out of the plants....

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

You know after hearing so many horror stories over the years about Leafhoppers, JB's, Thrips, etc. I'm actually becoming grateful we only have rose slugs and alittle aphids to deal with... Even though our rose slugs are here 6 months at least they do not eat all the blooms or start growling and want to bite me like a vampire!...

Best of luck!

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