compost tea

Lil_QueenieJuly 15, 2014

Hello... I'm new to gardening and using compost. I was just wondering what to do with the compost after I make the tea. Can I add it to my flowers or is it useless because all the goodness is in the tea. I'd hate to just throw it away. Thank you!

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100% of the goodness does not leach out in this process, there are still nutrients bound up in the compost. There are also lots of microbes which are beneficial to soil. Finally, humus is good for improving soil texture even if it has no nutrients left in it. So definitely use that compost somewhere.

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Thank you for the answer. It'll be going in my garden.

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What books has the author of the compost tea article written? I'm new to the forum and am having trouble contacting him.

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Friendofroses.... I don't know who that is. Sorry.

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