Dead Lawn

hbrmstrAugust 19, 2010

Don't know if this is too far off topic, but will give it a shot. We haven't cut our lawn here in southern NH for well over a month. The drought has been that severe, the lawn is just about completely dead. Anywhere else facing a similar condition?

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Most likely you lawn isn't dead. It's just dormant. When the rains return, so will the green.

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Kinda wish we had that problem , look forward to her burnin up for a month or two ,people can hardly keep up in this area, just enough rain to keep her green.I agree it is dormant it will come back in the fall.

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Quite dry here on the Cape, lots of irrigation keeping things green, but the mower biz is off. Other than that what a great Summer, we have Great Whites, closed beaches, oh yea a blue and white 747-200 is parked on the ramp at KFMH. I rode my Yamaha over today to look at it, along with three Marine CH-53's and two 60's.

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Sure they weren't Marine H-3's?

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In my area it has been 13 straight days over 100 degrees and before that it was hovering in the high 90's for quite awhile, no rain to speak of in over a month. Been able to keep up till I when out of the area for week. when I got back everything was burnt up. the problem is if you don't water alittle bit (especially in sandy soil) the roots die. usually my lawn will come back when it cools off and it rains as noted (dormant). but some times the shade/sunny grass just dies and can't take the heat.

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