Watch those new cylinder heads!

tomplumAugust 1, 2014

Yesterday a 44" Briggs got a new head. There was internal slag that needed to be cleaned off in the area of the seem. I forget the official name for that. Plus, the machined area for the gasket surface had deep nicks. It was opposite of the galley and there seemed to be enough seal area. It was the first time I've seen that. For sure, it wouldn't have been good in the galley area. The last head I installed of this number was labeled made in USA, the new one made in China. Is this the sign of things to come on our machined cast parts? Next year, will these heads be in the Stens catalog???

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I have always heard of the junk you refer to as being called "casting flash over" or just casting flash.
The rest of what you posted is just more evidence of the "dumbing down" of America.(IMHO)

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Flash. That's it . Don't you hate that! Thanks mownie :)

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IF you are replacing the head because of the valve guide slipping and B&S saying there is no fix, there is. There are at least two, one if it is the exhaust, doesn't even require removing the head. From what you are saying about the new head, I would prefer the fix, just to keep business from China if nothing else.

Walt Conner

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