drive belt problems need advice

richard48367August 23, 2014

gravely 1238H (old) drive belt listed as 73" by 1/2 put on 74 and it comes off after 5 or 6 hours. Put on 73" by 1/2 and it starts to smoke after 6 hrs when pto (mechanical) is engaged. Inside edge of belt is frayed. On the 73" belt, idler by engine pulley is so tight that it is hard to pull spring to set it. Would a 74" by 5/8" belt work better. (have one). Could I replace the spring on that idler arm to create less tension. Might that work. Don''t see any obstructions on belt route. Changing this drive belt is becoming a chore. Any help would be appreciated.

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07216100 is the correct traction belt number. I guess I would get one of those. How are those pulleys? What do you think is changing when the PTO is run?

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The pulleys on the deck turn easily. When the pto is engaged the pto belt gets very tight. The idler belt on the drive belt pulley seems tighter than it should be. When you put the spring back into the side of the chassis, the spring doesn't fit the way it should . . . that is it reallly doesn't seat itself in the hole the way it should. would a 5/8 fit in these pulleys instead of the 1/2"

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