arkroselady(7b)June 25, 2012

Has anybody had any experience with this product in controlling thrips? Thanks.

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kittylee(SW Colorado Z4)

Hi Arkroselady,
I have heard of Beauveria bassiana, when I was researching pesticides for thrips last week, but never heard of Naturalis-L. So I just goggled it and found this pdf file.
"ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Beauveria bassiana ATCC 74040 ... 7.16%"
"Beauveria bassiana is an insect specific fungus and exposure to non-target insects should be avoided. Avoid applying to areas where honeybees are actively foraging or around bee hives because this product is pathogenic to honeybees."
"Naturalis L works primarily through contact action, so good spray coverage is essential."

Rosemainia is selling it for $99.00 a quart? That's a bit too high a price for my budget.

Have you looked into Spinosad? I just ordered a quart of Monterey Garden Insect Spray for $25.00 with free shipping from Amazon.

Here is a link that might be useful: University of Minnesota, Dept of Entomology

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rosetom(7 Atl)

I posted about it a couple of weeks ago. It works. The first time I've had clean Elina and Crystalline blooms this side of October. I backed off of it when the JB's came (still here), and the thrips have ruined everything again. I will start it up again when the JB's leave.

Spinosad (Conserve) is OK and will cut them down, but it won't stop the thrips from ruining all of your light colored blooms. Use both together and you may not see a thrip for a couple of weeks after spraying. My only complaint is that Naturalis L is a fungus, so you can't spray it with a fungicide. That's not so bad, though, this time of year the roses can go several weeks without fungicide. I just can't bring myself to spray more than once a week.

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