Craftsman LTX1000 electrical

marcbachmanAugust 12, 2010

I just got this unit, it doesn't start, I jumped across the solenoid and the starter cranked right up. The electrical system looks like it should be relatively easy to trace, but it would be nice to know which wire coming from the key switch is closing the starter solenoid so I know which terminal on the solenoid to check for voltage. I'm trying to determine whether I have a key switch problem or a solenoid problem or neither or both. I understand that there may be a brake switch and/ or a blade engagement switch which also interrupt the circuit. So far I have not found any schematic, and am not sure how readable one would be if I did find one. It would also be good to know what voltage values I should be able to read at which terminals based on the switch state. Any troubleshooting path/procedure would be adequately acknowledged and verified and greatly appreciated. I'm also wondering about what service might be appropriate for the engine given that this unit was in storage for ~3 years.

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We speak Craftsmanese here, and you need to learn a few words of it too. First word for you to post is actually a string of numerals. Look under the seat on the body for a 9 digit number, usually begins as 917.??????
Post that number and we will see if a schematic is available online.
If yours is available (or if I can find a similar) we can have you testing circuits in a snap of the fingers.

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Ditto to what Mownie said about the 917#.
Sometimes, craftsman tractors that are only 1 digit apart can have different schematics.

That said, your crank circuit is typically a WHITE wire coming off the S terminal of the key switch.
You should have been able to determine that by working back from the solenoid though????

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Always good to see Master Kapaun drop in.
I hope you have been well Bill.

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Due to loss of internet access, I now have to go to the library, so my time is limited after checking email etc.
I'm also legally blind at this time (cataract surgery next Tue!!!) so it can be a bit tedious trying to read anything on a glaring, white background:)

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Bill, I hope your surgery goes well and a speedy recovery sir.

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Good to see the both of you still around here....


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Thanks Fish, nice to hear from you. Starting to feel like a reunion of sorts. :^)

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I kan C!!

Will need reading glasses, but OMG!!! What an unbelievable difference!
Going from 20-400+ to what it is today is amazing.
I had my post op a couple hours ago and I was 20-60, but the pupil is still very dilated.
The doc said it will be noticeably better in a couple days.
Now to pay off the bill and then get the other one fixed.
It's nice when your 20-200+ eye ISN'T your best one!!

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That is great news Bill, now you can catch up on all your reading. I can tell you are justifiably pleased and excited.

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