Riding Mower Choice

garlicjim(Deserts of NM)August 14, 2010

Hi All, I have narrowed it down to three rather comparable mowers, price-wise and spec wise.

Would like any input from you guys.

Husky, TroyBilt, and Craftsman. I ruled out the green one because of price. Looking to spend around $1000-$1200.

The Poulan is comparable to what I've been using (as is the TroyBelt) but I'd have to pay shipping on the Poulan or go to where one is sold.



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Since you have neglected to inform us as to what you are going to use any one of these machines for, other than mowing your lawn .....


you have also neglected to mention anything about the size of lawn being cut or the type of terrain that lawn is growing on........ you make it very hard to provide you with constructive comments other than the following.

The price range you are shopping in is called "THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL". To a degee, you get exactly what you pay for. If you buy low-cost equipment, then expect it to last like low-cost equipment. Not for very long.

However, if your needs (which you neglected to include) are very light, then the low-cost products can give several years of trouble-free service providing YOU aren't too cheap and too lazy to maintain it properly. Those who don't do this are the ones who come back on this forum whining about what a piece of junk such and such tractor is and telling everyone not to buy one.

Whether that will be you or not is something only you can decide. What you are buying here is designed to cut some grass and pull a little cart around a fairly level property. Those who expect more than that from it are also the ones who suffer premature failure of their hydrostatic trans-axles. If I sound a little cynical, it's for good reason. For the past ten years, I've seen such posts on this and other forums every single year and in droves that keep the scrap man very happy.

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Kompressor, save them words of wisdom for the next guy.
I don't think they are applicable to this "venue". :^)

Here is a link that might be useful: Competitive slant

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Thanks Mownie. I'm now speechless.

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Well, what a difference a day makes. And what a difference it makes to stop laughing and read all the words in a post. Below is a copy (with some spelling corrections) of the post I made in Garlicjim's other thread. My apologies to Kompressor as I inadvertently pitched some erroneous information in his direction. My apologies to garlicjim for my missing his "Real intended use".

from thread #1

Hmmmm, garlicjim's sense of humor about "racing them" really threw me off course. I thought he was serious at first. The I saw his "disclaimer" of "Only kidding".
So now I see the true intended uses for the tractor.
Towing and pushing.
Now I can give a real opinion on type of tractor.
Since anything to do with a deck is not to be a consideration, and some of the tasks involve "ground engaging accessory equipment", I think you should be looking at Garden Tractors instead of Lawn Tractors (after all, "you ain't got no lawn mister".
The scraper, or any kind of "drag" device you may pull, is going to impose the greatest loads on the power train, and therefore, you need a Garden Tractor.
Garden Tractors usually have a "down and dirty" lower gear range than Lawn Tractors for a very good reasons.
I would personally prefer a Garden Tractor that had a gear type transmission instead of a hydrostatic drive or a 2 belt vari-drive.
The 2 belt vari-drive system is a pretty good "compromise" between a standard gear type transmission and the all hydraulic hydrostatic drive.
I think a Garden Tractor is needed here, not a lawn mower.

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Mownie / Komp : You Guys are the Best Roflmbo ..All the Best ! :) .

Mownie : Sorry I have not got back to you , the Hips great and so are the Saws . The Fish have been biting also ..T .

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garlicjim(Deserts of NM)

As to the "bottom of the barrel" remark, I've been using using one of those things (MTD 4-Spd, 13 HP, 38' cut) for 10 to 12 years, maybe longer. Sometimes I'm quite frugal and sometimes I'm over the top.............and I know the difference (smile).

I wouldn't buy a bottom of the barrel RV because I know it will not hold up. But since my current mower has done much more than it was designed to do, I didn't think I could go wrong with a few more horses and a larger, beefier model.

Cat fish are from the "bottom" and I love'm (smile).

Mownie asked on another thread which Sears I was considering. One of these.....probably the 6-Speed.




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I squeak when it comes to spending money on outdoor power equipment, so I tend to look for good used, low-hour equipment. I just picked up this barn find for $250, and the seller threw in a nice 8HP Yard Machines snowthrower. It's a 1990 with 50 hours on it.

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