Using shredded Asian bush honeysuckle as mulch?

KateinDC(7a)July 31, 2014

After we bought this house, I dug out all the Asian bush honeysuckle in the yard and shredded it. The piles have been sitting in a corner of the backyard since 2011, and I haven't dared using them as mulch because I read the plant is allelopathic. Do you think this is a concern for mulch when it's aged three years? I might be overthinking this...

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I regularly put Lonicera prunings on my compost heap. I really don't think you need worry about three year old material.

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One reason mulches are used is to suppress unwanted plant growth so if a material has allelopathic properties that would be a benefit. I would use them, although probably not close to plants I wanted growing.

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Yay, kill the invasive honeysuckle and shred the corpses!

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Use it ... my only concern about honeysuckle would be it sprouting from the nodes.

All this "I read somewhere it's allelopathic" is usually someone misquoting a study they didn't understand.

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3 year old material is unlikely to cause any problems. As long as no green present, no worries.

With regards to allelopathy, composting typically negates this effect......and even cold composting will achieve similar results. Also it is important to understand that allelopathy is not uniform. Effects are typically noted only on certain plant species and published literature on any of the Loniceras indicates very mixed results. Even studies that DID conclude some mild allelopathy conditioned that conclusion with a statement indicating context dependency with respect to soil microorganisms and native species identity but not to light conditions or soil type.

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Thank you all, especially gardengal48 for the detailed insights. So I suppose I don't need to worry about it, which is good because I'm not exactly sure which piles of shredded brush are the honeysuckle... We shredded a lot of stuff back then. And I can't use any mulch away from desirable plants because our property isn't big enough to have mulched areas without desirable plants.

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