Bees in my compost pile

pepbob1(zone5, nh)July 4, 2009

When i was out turning my compost pile today, i was surprised when a swarm of bees emerged out of the pile itself, they may have been just as surprised that i was there as well. no, i didnt get stung and i welcome the bees. the only reason i was turning the pile is because we have had a LOT of rain the last 5 weeks and the pile was looking water logged, i thought if i moved it around a little more air etc would get into the pile etc. i had planned on using that pile this fall as i hope to install some new perrenial flower beds. My question concerns the bees, would they ovewinter there if left alone, will they die off natually etc etc etc any tips, hints or info will be greatfully accepted. i live in Nashua Nh Zone 5 typically we have very cold winters, sometimes we have a lot of snow, sometimes we dont, but its always cold.

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Were these really bees or could they have been the Yellow Jackets, a wasp, that many people mistake for bees? I have had the yellow jackets nest in a compost pile, and that was how I found the moisture I was adding was not getting to where I thought is was going. The yellow jackets will not overwinter, except for one quenn that will emerge next spring to find a new nest site. They do not nest in the same plant again. As I recall, it has been some time, ground dwelling bees do much the same, only a queen lives through the winter.

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