It finally happened. . .

pixie_louJanuary 18, 2012

I prep all my containers in the basement. Then carry them upstairs, out the front door, to the pot ghetto. I knew one of these days it would happen. And today it did. I was balancing the tray of pots while attempting to open the front door and I dropped the whole tray. 6 pots flying across my living room. What a mess.

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Bummer! :( I know its frustrating when things like that happen.

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ymaddox(ky 6)

ugggh sounds like something i would do lol and aggravating to boot. hang in there u will laugh and tell the story someday, just not today huh :)

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So sorry Pixie Lou - I dropped a container once going down my carpeted stairs. The mess is awful and losing the seeds is even worse. I accidently kicked over a container of yed yucca this week but the seeds were large enough to be visible so I sorted through and found as many as I could.

What had you sown? If they're tiny and you don't want to waste them, you can spread it all out in a thin layer outside on soil and hope for the best.

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Argh - oh no! Might be time to switch your carrying tray to a laundry basket, just a thought.... ;) Hopefully you can save some of them anyways, like Christie says, toss them outside and see what happens.

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Whoaaaa...! That's sounds like a mess. You will probably still have some germination. Wishing the best.

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I once had a similar "mess' and yes, I know it is the "I've lost my seeds" that is the heart breaker!!!

But you know what? If you have scooped up all the dirt, maybe you have not lost ANY seed! It's in there - in random places in the soil of course. Try distributing the mess back into the pots and proceed. When this happened to me, I did get mixed sprouts in a few pots that I was able to identify once they got a little bigger.

Wishing you good luck!

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I, too, work in the basement and have to bring containers up. I've lost a few, which is why I try to make sure the kids are on hand to open the door for me. There's nothing worse than watching all of your hard work go crashing to the floor.

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I *knew* that I couldn't be the first person to have this happen. But it is still frustrating.

The "good" news is that I only planted 1 type of seed in these 6 containers. And I did my best to scoop the soil back up and put it back in the containers. I did put the containers outside - hoping for the best. If I get anything strange germinating in the containers - then I know that my living room carpet had random seeds in it!

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LOL I just got the mental image of seeds growing out of a carpet... very amusing.

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***hmph! picturing those sprouts growing from the carpet and cleaning my keyboard after spilling a little of my drink***
Pixie, are you able to laugh it off yet? And the burning question of the day is... have you been watering the carpet to see if anything sprouts?
What a mess, but hopefully something good will come of it all. Best of luck!

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