JD 54C cut quality

dave_mn(4b)August 4, 2010

I have a 2003 GT 245 with the 54" deck. I replaced the blades with gator blades this spring. I was surprised at how dull these blades were out of the box. Anyway, the cut quality of the deck isnt great even with the Gator blades. The grass that gets flattened by the front tires just doesnt seem to get picked up and cut by the deck. I mow wide open and have leveled the deck. Even lowered the front slightly as suggested by JD. I mow at 2 3/4" (which is fairly low but it cuts even worse if I raise it). Any ideas?

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Did you buy the high lift blades? Correct PSI in all tires? Blades are put on the correct way? Is belt turning the blades tight?

Just some ideas but good luck.

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