Crape/crepe myrtle off-shoots can I dig up and replant?

redraif(8)May 16, 2011

I have a mature crape/crepe myrtle... it was planted back in 2007... For the first time I have noticed it has a few babies coming up to the side of it. They are about 2 to 2 1/2 feet away from the main trunk. I almost cut them down and then I got to thinking that I might be able to transplant them.

Is it possible to dig them up and transplant them else where have them survive, w/o hurting the parent plant? I know they have grown up from the parent plant's root system. I'm afraid if I cut out too much root I will hurt the parent, too little and the baby won't make it.

Any advise?

I searched but did not get a definative enough answer to feel I could make this judgement call... Esp since everything said dig 2 feet from the base of the specimin to transplant... that would hurt the parent!




And the parent...

The shoots are on the left side of the tree on the border of the grass and bed... (they total bland in to the background!)

Thank you!

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IRuehl(8b-9a, Savannah GA)

From what I have read they can take alot of abuse, even to the roots and bounce back. But as for how much to take. I dunno

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I'll bet you added that plastic border fairly recently. Either that or you cut a root while weeding. The baby formed from a severed root of the larger crape. the root system of the baby tree probably mainly radiates out away from the parent tree, so you can keep that in mind when you go to dig it up. I'd try to get at least a foot of root length (based on my guesstimate of size from the picture and assuming root structure similar to what I'd expect in this situation).

Crape myrtle root divisions are pretty easy to transplant. Just take your time and get a reasonable amount of root as you remove your baby crape. You may also want to be careful not to cut a lot more of the parent tree's roots in the process of digging up the baby. I'd give this job a rating of easy.

P.S. Be careful to get down deep enough to get a good piece of root. Depending on various factors, the bulk of the root system on some of these can be deeper than what you might expect from a seedling of similar size.

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My sister dug up a crape baby at her AR home and potted it up for me to try and grow in IL. It survived the potting, the drive to IL, the winter IN THE POT, and planting in IL. We moved the next spring. I saw some growth just get started on it when we moved....I wonder if it made it. Seemed quite hardy to go through that much. Just give it a go.....

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