Fortuniana rootstock in hot dry climates

harmonypJune 11, 2012

I have yet to find a rose in my area of N. CA. in a nursery or big box, on anything other than Dr. Huey. And indeed, Dr. Huey does great out here.

But, I've seen some roses for purchase via Internet enabled vendors that are only available on Fortuniana rootstock.

How does Fortuniana do in a hot dry climate?

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jerijen(Zone 10)

We see Fortuniana here and there in California, growing like a weed -- and clearly, these are old rootstock plants. I'd say it must be very successful.

Here, we have a Fortuniana collected in an old cemetery, which has grown from the bottom of our hillside to the top, along an old fence. I'd LOVE to try roses on Fortuniana here.

Frankly, from the look of the successful old rootstock plants, I'd also love to try Ragged Robin. At least if it suckered, and the scion died, you'd have a great rose remaining.

Jeri Jennings
Coastal Ventura Co., SoCal

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I live in the North SF Bay, and I agree with Jeri - old fortuniana rootstock plants do so well here, I would think roses grafted on that would do well too. Personally, I prefer own root roses, but if you want one that is on fort, I would go for it. Here is a picture of an old fortuniana bush (one bush!) climbing up trees at the house next door to ours:


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kstrong(10 So Cal)

Fortuniana grafted roses do great in SoCal. I get them whenever I can, and I also do my own grafting, usually to Fortuniana and Pink Clouds occasionally.

The only places to buy Fortuniana grafted plants are K&M Nursery and Cool Roses .

Both are small family run operations that have excellent plants, but small levels of stock, so sometimes it takes a long while to get what you have ordered. Both are back east, so shipping costs are generally high for us California types.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

You might also try Burlington Rose Nursery.

I think she would bud to Fortuniana on request.


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