Red Maple Leaf Spots

plethora87May 6, 2012


Just noticed these today and am wondering if I should do anything. Every leaf seems to have at least a few.

Pic here:

Thanks. :-)

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ilovemytrees(5b/6a Western, NY)

Tar spot is my guess as well. You can't do anything for it now anyway, I don't think. Pick up EVERY leaf in the fall and throw them away, and then spray the tree with an antifungal next spring before bud break.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

its a maple... near impossible to kill..

and near impossible to die by anything ... other than a chainsaw ...


this is not really a situation.. which requires you to introduce chemical remedies into the atmosphere ...

as noted at your link.. its a transitory problem related to weather..


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ilovemytrees(5b/6a Western, NY)

I disagree with Ken Adrian. Maple trunks and their branches, in the young trees, can become infected with the fungus if the fungus isn't irradiated, and the trunk then develops cankers. The tree goes downhill from there.

I had that happen to two of my maples. I bought them from a well known nursery and they had the fungus when I received them. The nursery knew all about it but didn't tell anyone. They even got negative feedback about it from someone who was infuriated over getting trees with the fungus..

My 2 trees eventually developed cankers on the branches and on the trunks. The trees were growing well but I pulled them out and planted different trees. No sense in dealing with spreading holes all over your trees' trunks when you can replant with healthy trees. I want a return on my investment, not some sickly looking tree. I will not plant another maple because of my experience with the fungus. No thanks!

Btw, It was a 3 year span from receiving the trees with the leaf spots to the cankers developing on my branches and trunks. And that is after I picked up every leaf that fell off the trees, and sprayed antifungal in the spring. I am NOT saying this will be your experience or anyone else's experience, but it was MY experience. Could I have left the 7 foot trees in my yard and watch them grow taller and let the cankers heal over? Sure. But I chose not to because that is not how I want to start out my trees' lives nor my investments in them.

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Tar spot has nothing whatever to do with pathogens responsible for canker in maples, or any other tree. In fact, foliage maladies are generally in the nuisance category-troubling for the owner of the tree perhaps, but not for the tree to any meaningful extent.

Now about maples........Ken hates em, lol, but fordachrisakes, is there an easier genus to grow? I think not. You can go to just about any go-to-hell wooded spot around here and find it teeming with maple saplings. They are not fussy nor are they having a tough time, in any sense. Especially in places like Michigan, Wisconsin, or New York!


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