Weeping Cherry not Weeping

RobJ1May 25, 2014

I have a weeping cherry tree that has all new growth pointing up. Up to now I have been pruning any branches that do this. Is this the correct method or is there a way to train the new vertical branches to weep?

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Most weeping cherries are grafted onto a non-weeping rootstock with a clear trunk. The vertical growth you see is coming from the rootstock, not the grafted portion. It cannot be trained to weep and should be removed. If you leave it in place it will eventually overwhelm the weeping feature completely.

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This is the odd aspect. The leaves on the new branches look much different from the weeping leaves. What does this indicate?

the small leafs in the pic are the weeping branches

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It indicates the two different type of cherries - the grafted weeping one (small leaf) and the rootstock (larger leaf).

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Thank you . That makes sense. Disappointing though in that I wanted a tree that would grow taller over time. But at least I will know what to look for next time.

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