is Pseudomonas disease contagious?

bevj7(PNW OR 7)May 4, 2014

My Coral Bark Maple is dying. It will be removed in a few days. I want to plant a different variety of tree in the vicinity but not a maple tree. Is the disease contagious?
I was told no but, I would like another opinion. Thank you.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Plant something not so subject to bacterial wilt as grafted Japanese maples and don't worry about it.

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The coral bark (Sango Kaku) and its other red barked cousins (Fjellheim, Beni Kawa, Japanese Sunrise, etc.) are extremely prone to Pseudomonas. So is Corallinum and the red barked vine maple, Pacific Fire. This bacterium will infect these maple cultivars long before it bothers any others, although any maple is susceptible.

Pseudomonas syringae, aka "lilac blight', is probably the most common bacterial issue in the garden and can affect literally dozens of different plant types. It is opportunistic and is often frequent after damage arising from cold, wet weather........I am not at all surprised to see it prevalent this season after the February cold snap and an excessively wet March.

Is it contagious? Not really but if you have it in your garden, it can - not that it necessarily will - affect anything susceptible . And that includes a whole lot of plants!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pseudomonas syringae

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bevj7(PNW OR 7)

Thank you for the information, and I am so glad I asked the question. I plan to get a tree that has small leaves but not any variety of the Maple family. Last year in late summer one of my Lilacs (Sensation) had a blight on the leaves. I removed every leaf. A few feet away I have another bush (My Favorite) and it did not get the bight. This spring the Sensation plant had only 7 lilacs but the leaves look healthy. I think it suffered the Lilac Blight but it is probably all right now.

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Psuedomonas affects different plants differently. While it can weaken and kill a Japanese maple, especially a young one, it is typically only cosmetic in nature with established lilacs.

IOW, it's not worthy worrying about what kind of plant to add that may be resistant or less prone to serious damage. Plant whatever you like. Pseudomonas is not really a valid reason not to replant with another maple if that is what you want. If not, fine :-))

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

I've only seen Japanese lilac have the whole top spoiled and that was under overhead irrigation in a nursery container yard.

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

Wow...that has to be one of the only genus of bacteria that can affect both humans and plants!

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