X500 Steering went out (Rack)

mn_pikeAugust 23, 2010

Hey Guys -

Great forum..I've learned much. From the information on this sight I ended up getting an x500 3 years ago and I have been pleased. It has about 230 hours on it without a hickup. This past weekend I loaned it to my neighbor and he said there was a lot of play in the steering and it was catching. It wasn't like that when I let him borrow it.

When I got it back..I took the deck off and the rack (gear plate) was completely worn and the teeth rounded off in the middle center (area of most use). The pinion wasn't worn at all. It looks like if I remove the three bolts from the rack and maybe the steering arm, I can replace the rack w/o too much hastle.

Has anyone seen the steering go out on a JD? Any tips on swaping out the rack plate. I also ordered new bushings incase that also was part of the problem. Any assitance appreciated. The grass is still growing....^^^^


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Yes, i have seen that happen on a lot of tractors. If those gears are never lubed, with automotive type of grease, and some 30W oil squirted down in there occasionally--yep--they will wear quickly, and do just that! And, they can be replaced. Study it well, and i'm sure you can do it. Thats if you aren't afraid to get dirty, or have yer knuckles nicked. If you aren't mechanically experienced, send it out!
Rusty Jones

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Amazing what happen to equipment when it gets loaned out?. About 30 years ago I used sears and sawbuck cheap radial arm saw, this was after the day before I helped the guy finish off shed/pole barn style work shop. he was cutting ruff cut 4 by 4 oaks. the next day I was cutting 1/4" plywood the saw quite on the 3rd cut. But, beings I was using it at the time I called sear repair man out. $139 bucks later on a 350 dollar saw. I learned a good lesson that day? Don't borrow equipment. Knowing the day before probably what burnt the saw out. but I still didn't want that on me.

JD usually engineers there equipment pretty good, I know my LX system is rock solid with 350 hours on it, but it's not as heavy as you X500. I would say it wasn't normal for the steering to wear out that quickly. Replacement parts are probably going to be pretty high, hopfully you won't have to do it again. But, as rusti suggested some anual pre-ventive greasing sure wouldn't hurt IMO.

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The part isn't too bad ~$50 for the gear and then I bought some bushings just incase there is some excess play in the steering shaft/pinion.

Hopefully the part isn't backordered..grass is still growing.

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