Balloon flowers

papillon1July 15, 2014

Does it help to deadhead the flowers on the campanula balloon flowers? Does it promote more blooms? If it is allowed to set seed does it self seed?

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

It will continue to bloom deadheaded or not. It self seeds prolifically.

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Thanks pitimpinai I think I will stop deadheading & let it make seed. I just love them & would like to have lots more.

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Once they finish blooming, the seedpods will resemble really tiny tulips. Each pod contains lots of seeds & plants are easily grown from seed. According to my notes, the seeds don't need cold stratification in order to germinate. My plants do self-seed but not to the extent I find them annoying. I let my many balloon flowers form seedpods every year just because I can't be bothered removing them.

Just an FYI - balloon flower is Platycodon, not campanula. Please don't be annoyed or frightened: I have a spreadsheet of all my perennials & shrubs.

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True, but not so wrong.

Balloon flower was once called the "great-flowered bellflower"; binomial, Campanula grandiflora).

It was split from the Genus campanula later in the 18th century, but being closely related, is still in the Family Campanulaceae.

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SunnyBorders - how cool is that?! I didn't know they were once categorized in the Genus campanula. Day's not wasted--I learned something new, botanically speaking.

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You sound like me Gardenweed; always something new to learn re the garden.

Example: what you said above about balloon flowers reseeding.

I must have planted several dozen balloon flowers over recent years and have never once seen them reseed.

Then again, if I have anything to do with their subsequent maintenance, I always deadhead balloon flowers in the interests of neatness!

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greenhearted(5a IL)

I am just chiming in to say that my 'Sentimental Blue' (Platycodon) has never reseeded. I sure wish it did!

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amna(6 (MA))

Mine did self seed but that may be because I never deadheaded or used mulch around the plants. They seeded " nicely", not like my hairs which was a beast set on engulfing my entire yard!

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A master gardener told me that the old varieties reseed and the new hybrid varieties don't which finally explained why hers reseeded all over the place and mine do not. And, I have found "store bought" seed very hard to germinate.

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