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fairwaysJuly 28, 2011

(Newbie here, not an experienced gardener, re-posted this from Design, will also post in Shrubs .... )

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Recently had a planter area renovated, soil and drainage are ready for new perennial and possibly shrub plantings. I'd appreciate some recommendations for hardy, low maintenance species.

"L" shaped area along attached garage, entire house and garage is faced with limestone. The long leg of the "L" faces west, the short leg faces north, the area gets some direct sun but mostly partial shade. Planter beds are 4 feet deep.

Nearby plantings include snow on the mountain and bright yellow daylilies and daffodils. Prefer shades of green, bright yellow or white. No reds or oranges, blues might be okay. Would like at least one climbing planting along west facing stone wall. Prefer masses or layers of plantings versus smaller groupings or varied layouts.

Thanks so much.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

ok newbie.. i gave you an answer in the other forum..

here is a different answer.. and how i did it ..

back in the day.. i went to every local nursery.. and bought one of everything that met the cultural requirements.. and planted them all ... [culture meaning shade plants for shade.. and sun for sun]

over the years.. they have come.. and they have gone.. and i have learned ....

your first mistake as a newbie.. as i read your post.. is that you think we can just throw out a garden design that will be pleasing to you.. and easy to work with .... and i dont think that is how it is done ...

just buy some stuff.. stick it the the ground.. and make it live...

we will worry about design in a few years.. when we see what you accomplished ... by which time your thumb will have turned green .... and we.. you and us.. can have a conversation about what you like [other than color] .. why .. and how you might want to use it ....

otherwise.. find a catalog that offers an all-in-one garden.. and mail order it ... its a start ....

good luck


ps: ya know.. this post has just sat here for so long with no reply .... hopefully mine.. will stimulate other suggestions ....

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Depending on how much sun the area gets, here are a few low-maintenance suggestions that might at least get you started:

- Carex 'Ice Dance'/Japanese sedge grass - variegated green/white
- Hosta 'Dream Weaver' - variegated blue-green/cream
- Aquilegia/Columbine 'Tower White'
- Alchemilla mollis/lady's mantle
- Heuchera/coral bells 'Snow Angel' - variegated green/white mottled foliage
- Hemerocallis/daylily 'Ice Carnival' or 'New Falling Stars'
- Brunnera macrophylla/Siberian bugloss 'Jack Frost'
- Hellebore/Lenten rose
- Persicaria virginiana/fleeceflower
- Dicentra eximia/fern leaf bleeding heart
- Lobelia siphilitica/great blue lobelia
- Weigela 'White Knight'

I have these plus many others growing on the mostly shaded north side of my house, among them blue hydrangea but there are white hydrangeas available as well.

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Remember to plant evergreens. I don't know what is EV in your zone. Euonymous fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety' varigated green/white might brighten up that spot. It can be a groundcover or climb up a trellis, but it's very slow growing.

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