HELP!! Magnolia Tree

yphillips78(8)May 14, 2007

We recently planted a magnolia tree. It seems to have a problem, I'm noticing that the leaves are turning yellow and falling off. Now, I know it will shed leaves because it is evergreen but this seems to be a lot of them. We also noticed that it had scaling and used a systemic for this, and it seems to be working.. What can i do to help it be more happy?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

We can't help you unless you give us some details about the plant and the planting process. How large, container or field grown, etc.?

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was your magnolia subjected to frost or freezing temps over the winter? if so that could be the problem...........even evergreen magnolias will suffer frost damage if they are not protected from harsh winter winds and ice.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

I have noticed that all 3 of my little ones (1 to 5 gallon pots) and about 20 other, larger (10-15 gal. pots or comparable B&B), evergreen magnolias planted in the past 2-6 years around here all seem to lose leaves and look rather sparse for the first couple of years. Once they have "settled in", they seem to grow more leaves and thicken up. They will grow taller/larger, they just don't grow densely.

As well, this is the time of year that magnolias lose leaves - the older, and interior, ones turn yellow and fall off. My now 5 year-year-old and very dense BBB has lost a couple dozen leaves in the past few weeks, and has a few mmore to go. It's just the way they grow.

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My Magnolia grandiflora has been through northern blizzards and frigid temps (-5 F. at coldest). I don't think it's chilly temps that is causing the dropping leaves. Find that they have a strong tendency to drop leaves in April and May right before the new crop of leaves and branches begin to expand. I see few yellow leaves on the tree and on the ground now, but it always pushes strong vigorous growth from late May through June.
It should be fine.

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Was a 100 gal. tree in container, grown on local tree farm. We bought it big for the space we put it in, to block view of neighbors windows. Was doing well, now just looks thin and sickly. No cold weather to speak of, not freezes anyway. Now we built a drain under the tree, because our yard has a drainage problem and now we are wondering if it is doing its job too well.. How wet should we keep it? Or how dry? Thanks, it does seem like it is the interior leaves that are falling off, there is new leaf growth and it is blooming, so hopefully that is a good sign.

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Although magnolia love adequate moisture, it will not do well if drainage is poor. I suspect that you tree, being recently planted, is/was suffering from insufficient moisture (something newly planted trees and shrubs are prone to). Again, it is normal for grandiflora to drop leaves in the spring (not the fall) before new growth. Make sure it is well watered throughout the summer, and I suspect it will make it. It takes a few years for newly planted trees to take off.

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I hate to sound like a broken record, but are you able to see the root flare, that is where the roots begin to flare away from the main trunk? If not, the magnolia is planted too deeply and will be in constant stress. Also, I presume because of the size, that the tree was delivered and perhaps planted for you. In transport, was the tree adaquetly covered to prevent wind burn? I have seen trees on trucks going down highways at 70mph uncovered and know that every leaf will drop off. However, the main thing to look at is planting depth.

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As a matter of fact, you cant see the root ball at all.. What can i do to help destress it now? Its looking a little better, meaning its not dropping 30 leaves everyday...

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