Best herbs or flowers to WS for Mothers Day?

emcd124(5)January 17, 2013

I'm leading a bit WS lesson at my son's preschool (3-6 yr olds) where they will WS all the vegetables for their summer garden, and flowers for the school. The teachers also mentioned that they would be interested in figuring out if there was something the kids could WS that they could pot up (in pots the kids paint themselves) and give to the moms for Mothers Day.

We're in Z5 northern Indiana. I wasnt sure what we could WS that would be big enough by mid-May to pot up and give to someone for mothers day. I thought either some kind of annual flower or even some kitchen herb could be really nice. This is only my second year WSing, and last year I did only veggies, no herbs, no flowers, so I'm not sure about the timing for those. And it would be good to pick something that had a pretty high success rate (eg no Rosemary, that finicky seed!).

For herbs I was thinking maybe lemon balm, oregano, mint or thyme.
For flowers i was trying to collect a list of those you can WS in february even in Z5, thinking that gave them time to be more than puny by May. So I've been looking at alyssum, calendula, cosmos, flax, german camomile, snap dragon.

Any good suggestions or guidance to offer me in picking?

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terrene(5b MA)

I can't think of any WS seedlings that will be sizeable by May in our zone. One feature of WS seedlings is that they are much smaller in the spring than greenhouse or indoor grown seedlings, but they catch up and often surpass them by mid/end of summer!

Perennials will usually remain small for the first season. However, annual flowers, herbs, and veggies will grow quickly after May, and make Mom happy thru the summer.

The herbs you list are generally perennial and will be tiny for the first season (I've winter-sown oregano, thyme, rue, and savory, all perennial herbs). How about basil, parsley, or dill, which will grow quickly and are very popular herbs. Parsley and Dill are also host plants for Black Swallowtails, and kids usually love caterpillars!

For flowers, how about annual Sunflowers or Rudbeckia hirta. Many pretty varieties of these.

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I was thinking marigolds and found a link where someone WSed them.

A plus is they help with pest control as well.

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

I think most wintersown stuff will be tiny on Mother's Day in zone 5. Lettuce might work?

No thoughts on flowers that might be sizable by that time. Hardy annuals like Bachelor Buttons might be best, and they are very easy. Rud hirts sprout pretty early and grow pretty fast.

I do heat lovers like marigolds and zinnias, but they're still tiny on Mother's Day, even in my zone 6.


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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

The problem with Mother's Day is that there hasn't been enough warm weather to cause much to sprout. Even if you did plant in February, the seeds will stay dormant until conditions reach optimum for them to sprout. In our Zone that doesn't happen reliably until at least mid April. Good luck.


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