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Patrick4287_wAugust 23, 2013

Does anyone know where I can get a sleeve hitch for a Craftsman LT 1000 Riding mower. Someone out there makes them, I just can't find them. Sears only makes them for Garden tractors with a wheel base of 23" or more. Mine is 18".

Or could someone direct me to a place, site or, on this forum on how to build one?


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The LT1000 is a LAWN tractor and not rated for ground engaging and that's why Sears doesn't make a sleeve hitch for it.

There is an universal electric sleeve hitch for about $550 that you can try at your own risk although I advise against it.

Just GOOGLE and you'll find it.

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I'm aware of the $550 hitch from Direct Mower, but that is a bit pricy for a riding mower. I've had my LT for several years. I have a separated two acre pasture of the ten acres I have, which 3 are in grass and the rest in woods. The two acres are for my donkeys.

I have towed trees with this mower, have turned it over, even a car hit it slightly once, but it cranked right up the first time every time.

The area I am trying to do is the pasture. I have the new Brinly-Hardy 38" scraper and box built for riding lawn mowers. My oil is a combination of dirt and sand, and is level. I have on many occasions rented a small box and have done my pasture. I just got tired of renting and bought this new gadget. The only problem I have had with my LT is a warn belt which is normal wear and tear.

I use my LT to collect leaves and grass cuttings towing behind me a huge Craftsman lawn vac. I do have some slight inclines in the grassy area, but it pulls the vac right along. One must also consider these vacs hold 35 to 40 bushels of material.

I am also aware that I am not going to use this LT on number 6 do do anything but ride the road in front of my house. For busting a few inches of dirt, I use 1 or 2. Same with the leaf vac,

I am just curious about a sleeve hitch or how to make one. Brinly-Hardy used to make them for riding mowers, however, because of the various modifications on mowers they just stopped making sleeve hitches and now refer you to the manufacturer. I did find an MDT dealer who has them for LTs, but he is 80 miles one way from where I live. MDT makes all Craftsman mowers now.

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MTD is not the only company manufacturing Sears riders now days.

Brinly sleeve hitch attachments have been around for a very long time and are designed for a ground engaging class garden tractor. That is GARDEN tractor not lawn tractor. The correct application is determined by whether there is a sleeve hitch available for the tractor and whether is it rated for ground engagement. The fact that you bought the box scraper and that you own a lawn tractor does not qualify your LT100 for a Brinly sleeve attachment

The ONLY universal hitch that I am aware of it this... and it is pricey.

Depending on your experience and abilities you can take the cheapest sleeve hitch you can find and adapt it to your LT1000 lawn tractor.

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Ditto all of JAL's comments. onliest caveat I know of on the craftsman lt1000 series is if they made any with gear shift trannies. But those with with hydrostatic trannies wont handle ground engagement loads.

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Regardless of gear or hydro trans the hitch plate and frame of a (recent manufacture) lawn tractor won't take the stress of ground engagement or carry the additional weight the small diameter wheels and turf tires would need to get the BITE for a ground engaging attachment.

The OP can adapt a sleeve hitch and it may work but the question is for how long?

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Patrick, lawn tractors are not stressed for ground-engaging use, and you are likely to kill the hydro transmission pretty quickly. The LT1000 might very well have been manufactured by MDT, as that company does make some Craftsman LTs for Sears, mostly the lower-end models. Husqvarna makes the Craftsman garden tractors and higher-end LTs.

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